Data Integration Hub: Developer - Instructor Led

  • Instructor Led
  • Data Integration
  • 3 Days

This course is for those who want to design and develop DIH Publications and Subscriptions, as well as learn methodologies and best practices. Review detailed development practices using DIH and PowerCenter, the overall Publish-and-Subscribe model and basic DIH administration. This course is applicable for software version 10.1.

Course Overview & Agenda


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

Discuss the basic concepts surrounding the Data Integration Hub

Describe the underlying DIH Publish-and-Subscribe model

Create auto publications and subscriptions

Describe the interaction between DIH and PowerCenter

Describe the concept of events and end-to-end tracking

Discuss Full and Delta publications and subscriptions

Design and develop custom publications and subscriptions

Use DIH specific transformations in PowerCenter

Design compound subscriptions

Develop real-time publications

Discuss the use of workflow parameters

Recognize the importance of an event status and event attributes

Describe preprocessors and their use case

Security and DIH administration

Discuss best practices and methodology

Recognize use cases for DIH and how a DIH model can add value

Target Audience


Available Languages



PowerCenter: Developer, Level 1 (onDemand), or
PowerCenter: Data Integration for Developers (Instructor Led)

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