A New Kind of
Data Governance

And how it can help you
accelerate digital transformation


If you’re in an enterprise
getting serious about digital

To deliver a better customer
experience, you need a
360-degree customer view.

To capitalize on artificial
intelligence and analytics, you
need access to reliable data.

To make the move into the
cloud, you need to get ready
to handle more data.


Data plays a central role in every
one of today’s most ambitious
enterprise imperatives.

It’s why data governance is the critical
foundation for digital transformation,
it’s the only way to make your data

But the world has changed
in some pretty massive
ways since data governance
first came to be.


The cloud has fundamentally
changed the way people use
applications and access data.


Cyber security has become critical
as the value of data has risen and
new threats have emerged.


And automation has gone from being
a nice-to-have, to being the only way
to scale anything meaningful.

It’s fair to say that
data governance hasn’t kept
pace with these changes.

For many, it’s limited to being
just a project-based necessity.

And few data leaders have had the
capabilities to use data governance
to transform their enterprise.

But data governance is still the
best way to make an enterprise’s data

It just needs to evolve.

So here’s a crazy idea.

What if we used the same
innovations changing our world
to change data governance?

You can use the cloud to
help the smartest people
in the business collaborate
on definitions and policies.

You can use a more intelligent
approach to metadata to
discover where all your sensitive
data lives and how it’s used.

And you can use AI to automate
the most time-consuming
manual jobs that get in the
way of actual analysis.


This is real. This is now.
This is how you reimagine
data governance.

So that it isn’t just a useful process
that gets everyone on the same page.

It’s the most potent way
to accelerate real change.

So data governance can become
faster, more collaborative, and
more transparent than ever before.

And data leaders can lead
their organization’s next
intelligent disruption.

Ready to reimagine
data governance?

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to the discipline.

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