University of Michigan Ross School of Business

University of Michigan Ross School of Business is a top-ranked business school, dedicated to building a better world through business.

“With Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services, we are able to provide a smoother and more personalized experience for everyone, from prospective student to alumni, by integrating data from various sources into Salesforce.”

Brian Greminger, Director of Application Services, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan


Business Need

Personalize recruitment and admissions process for students

Enhance student campus experiences with insights from actionable data

Provide the foundation for a data-driven, automated infrastructure



Integrate data from many different internal and cross-campus sources to help shape marketing and outreach programs

Deliver data integrations faster and without depending on central IT


Solutions & Results

Partner with alumni association to launch a data integration platform

Deliver timely and accurate student data to program offices

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services brings trusted data into Salesforce

Supports more effective decision making for degree programs, curriculum, marketing, and outreach

Helps build lifelong relationships with students and alumni

Reduces developer time needed for data integrations by 50 percent


Products & Services

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

A next-generation iPaaS, reimagined for new hybrid data management challenges with a microservices architecture..

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