Make better business decisions with data that's complete, contextual, and trustworthy.

Fast, accurate insights lead to better business decisions

Your business is driven by goals such as reducing customer churn, optimizing sales and marketing results, or improving health outcomes. And this requires business leaders to make accurate decisions quickly. But the complexity of integrating all this data makes it hard for you to deliver the data quickly and efficiently.

Analytics are only as good as the data—and only as fast as the platform that manages that data.

It’s hard to deliver business value when you’re dealing with data that’s:

  • Poor quality or incomplete
  • Stale
  • Siloed in dozens of unconnected applications
  • Drawn from external sources that you don't control
c09-solutions-NGA-fast-actionable-insights IDC predicts that, by 2020, organizations that analyze all relevant data and deliver actionable information will achieve extra $430 billion in productivity gains over their less analytically oriented peers.
c09-solutions-NGA-data-make-sense A McKinsey & Company survey reported that 86% of respondents said their organizations have been "at best only somewhat effective" at meeting the primary objective of their data and analytics programs.

Provide data that makes sense for business

For reliable, timely data, your data management platform needs to work with data that is:

  • Stored on-premises and in the cloud
  • Structured, semi-structured, and unstructured
  • Drawn from any source and any analytics application

And it needs to support any new analytics initiative that may be in your future, such as real-time reporting and predictive analytics.

The key is to manage your data as a whole so that you can quickly deliver data to the business and empower business users to manage that data by giving them self-service tools.

Turn raw data into business results—quickly

At Informatica, we understand that you need to manage growing data complexity and analytics technology change, while at the same time, accelerating the speed of data delivery.

Informatica data management platform allows you to:

  • Connect to all types of data sources (legacy transaction, social, and sensor data) to quickly assess what’s going on.
  • Create a complete, contextual view of data by integrating different data sources.
  • Refine and transform raw data into high-quality, complete, and trustworthy information.
  • Operationalize and make repeatable formerly manual processes for accessing and integrating data.
c09-solutions-NGA-raw-data-bus-results According to a TDWI survey, 42% of respondents would prefer a DI tool that's part of an integrated suite of data management tools from one vendor.

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