Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts


The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts prepares the state’s biennial budget estimate, required by the state constitution to be balanced. In addition, it administers 50 state taxes, including sales and use taxes that make up almost 25% of the state’s revenues, and processes 3.8 million tax returns a year.

“Using this system, we’re generating an additional $70 million per year for the state.”

— Lisa McCormack, Audit Division Area Manager, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts


Business Need

Ensure governance: conduct business accurately, effectively and fairly.

Identify and pursue unpaid taxes.

Reduce incorrect and incomplete tax data.

Improve accuracy and fairness of billing.



Search systems and databases to discover hidden connections between people.

Balance performance and comprehensiveness of search.

Overcome unavoidable variations in identity data.


Solutions & Results

Generated additional $70 million annually in revenues.

Returned more than $500 million total to date.

Identified companies that have not paid proper taxes.

Prevented pursuit of companies that have paid appropriately.


Products & Services

Informatica Identity Resolution

Informatica Identity Resolution increases operational efficiency and effectiveness with highly accurate, multilanguage identity data.

Success Stories

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