Westlake Financial Services

Westlake Financial Services specializes in the acquisition and servicing of near-prime to subprime automotive retail installment contracts. The company funds contracts through a network of more than 6,000 new and used car dealerships throughout the United States.

“The Informatica solution plays a vital role in helping Westlake increase profitability, by improving revenue management and delivering the full spectrum of lending to each and every automotive customer.”

— Henry Torres, Senior Linux Systems Administrator, Westlake Financial Services


Business Need

Increase profitability by improving revenue management.

Reduce the cost of reporting and improve decision making accuracy with timely data.

Enhance responsiveness of customer service and support.



Decisions based on stale, outdated data and customer satisfaction was impacted.

For example, the collections department used out-of-date, replicated data to contact customers about overdue payments, with the result that customers were questioned about payments they had already made.


Solutions & Results

Improved profitability through more effective payment collection system.

Saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by avoiding additional investment in Oracle RAC nodes.

Reduced volume of overdue payments.

Enhanced responsiveness and quality of customer care.

Satisfied increasing demand for real-time and near real-time operational reporting.

Shortened data reporting latency from one day to 10 minutes—with anticipated reduction to 3 minutes in due course.


Products & Services

Informatica Data Replication

A database-agnostic, real-time transaction replication software that’s highly scalable, reliable, and non-disruptive to the performance of operational source systems

Success Stories

PDI, Inc.

Significantly reduced migration costs from legacy system to Salesforce.


nCino saved $500,000 in development costs and tripled the size of its customer base with iPaaS


Informatica Cloud enabled HarbourVest to increase sales effectiveness and business efficiency.