Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)

Optimize Data Management at Every Step with Application ILM

As data volumes grow by leaps and bounds—with no end in sight—the costs associated with managing that data increase, as well. Is there an ILM solution that can help you keep growth and costs in check, while meeting your organization’s complex data needs? Informatica Application ILM is the answer.

From development, test, and production of critical data to the retirement and archiving phase, application ILM solutions help your IT organization align the business value of data with the most appropriate infrastructure to manage it.

Implement Application ILM and Dramatically Reduce Costs

Application ILM reduces the total cost of ownership, while increasing ROI for enterprise applications by enabling companies to:

  • Manage the growth of data with ILM
  • Optimize test data management thru ILM
  • Support compliance and governance via ILM
  • Retire legacy systems safely by leveraging ILM

Control the size of your data—and the cost of managing it—with Informatica’s application ILM solutions.

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