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Digital Transformation Starts with You

‘Digital transformation’ sounds abstract. In reality nothing could be more real—or more important.
As a pivotal CIO, you are driving the things that matter most to every enterprise today:

Powering Innovation

to create new opportunities and fend off disruptors.

Modernizing IT

by using the cloud and new architectures to serve the business better, faster, and at lower cost.

Re-engineering processes

to automate and accelerate everything.

Securing the business

against attacks and leaks.

Driving customer-centricity

to understand and delight customers.

Oh, and keeping the lights on

serving users, delivering desktops, maintaining systems, software, and networks.

And you’re doing it all against a complete disruption of business models, customer expectations,
go-to-market channels, and the enterprise tech stack as a whole.
These are exciting times indeed.

How Strategic CIOs Invest Their Time

Driving business
(Up 7%)
Developing and refining
business strategy
(Down 1%)
Finding competitive
(Up 5%)
Developing new go-to market
strategies & tech
(Up 5%)

Source: IDG State of CIO 2017

Data Is the Common Denominator

Every one of your major digital transformation initiatives depends on fast, secure access to trusted data:

  • Moving to the cloud
  • Harnessing big data
  • Powering IoT
  • Getting a single view of the customer
  • Innovating across the business

If you can access, integrate, clean, master, and analyze your enterprise data, these things get easier. If you can’t, your chance of failure increases dramatically.


"This data will be vital in the development of the strategyto improve clinical outcomes, grow the patient population,and increase efficiency."

George Brenckle, SVP and CIO, UMass Memorial Health Care


Data Leverage: The New CIO Imperative

For the last decade, data has been an afterthought in far too many IT projects. That’s no longer sustainable.

Today’s most successful CIOs are those who insist on unleashing the power of their data as a strategic enterprise asset.

We call it 'data leverage'—maximizing the impact of enterprise data—and it’s driven by five big imperatives:

  1. Centralize data management: Stop considering data management a project-level issue. It’s an enterprise opportunity.
  2. Take a platform approach: Capitalize on modular and re-usable tech, skills, integrations, and knowledge.
  3. Think hybrid: Understand that your data is in the cloud. It’s also on-premises. It’s everywhere.
  4. Optimize for agility and governance: Fuel business and IT agility with effective data governance.
  5. Enable business self-service: Make sure data is everyone’s business.

A Platform Approach to Data Management

A comprehensive data management platform covers six areas–all sharing the same metadata–but built
in a modular way so you don't buy the whole thing up-front (just build as you go).
Find out more about the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform.

Intelligent Data Quality
and Governance

Build a foundation of trust.

Find out more

Intelligent Master
Data Management

Deliver a 360-degree and
single view of all your data.

Find out more

Intelligent Cloud and Hybrid
Data Management

Start, accelerate, or de-risk
your journey to the cloud.

Find out more

Intelligent Data Integration

Access, connect, and deliver
any data, at any time.

Find out more

Intelligent Data Security

Detect issues and protect
all your data.

Find out more

Intelligent Big Data
and Data Lake Management

Uncover new business insights.

Find out more

"We chose MDM from Informatica because we needed a strongsolution that could support the digital transformation thatNatura is going through."

Agenor Leão, CIO, Natura

Business Transformation Services

Your strategic ally in driving data-driven digital transformation.

You don’t just need a platform. You need strategic advice from the data transformation experts.

Find out more about our proven framework for the data-driven enterprise.


Check out our eBook

The CIOs Guide to Developing a Data-Driven Culture

Becoming data-driven means managing culture change.


"It’s a journey from a known world in which the company has clearlybeen successful or it wouldn’t exist anymore, into a world where itis at risk of not existing anymore."

Jeanne W. Ross, Director and Principal Research Scientist, MIT Center for Information Systems Research

CIO Events

IDG CIO 100 Symposium

The CIO 100 Symposium is CIO’s most powerful gathering of CIOs and senior IT and business executives. Leadership, innovation and business strategy top the agenda as they examine the latest opportunities and challenges in our fast-changing world.

Aug 14 - 16, 2017 Seminar | Colorado Springs, CO 

IDG CIO Perspectives

An in-depth agenda with direct guidance from an advisory board of CIOs from across the Chicago region. With expert presentations, panels, workshops and lively peer discussions on leadership, business strategy and IT innovation.

Sept 12, 2017 Seminar | Chicago, IL

IDG CIO Perspectives

The CIO roadshow moves to LA to draw on the expertise and CIO leadership from in and around Southern California. We'll be there to join the conversation and show how data drives... everything!

Oct 17, 2017 Seminar | Los Angeles, CA


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