Metadata Management

Metadata Management

Metadata Management provides the visibility and control needed to manage change in a complex enterprise data integration environment. Informatica Metadata Manager & Business Glossary provides enterprise-class metadata management for data integration environments with role-appropriate views for business and IT users.

Manage Change and Reduce Business Risk in Your Data Integration Environment with Metadata Management

Informatica delivers metadata management capability through Metadata Manager & Business Glossary, a component of Informatica® PowerCenter® Advanced Edition™. This provides the key metadata management tools necessary to capture, search, browse, understand, and manage complex enterprise metadata. The result of this level of visibility and control is metadata management with fewer mistakes, greater IT responsiveness, and higher data integration productivity. Metadata management gives IT the ability to manage enterprise data as an asset.

Informatica Metadata Manager & Business Glossary provides essential tools for metadata control and metadata management:

  • Extensive metadata connectors for data integration visibility
  • Advanced search and browse of metadata catalog
  • Data lineage
  • Impact analysis
  • Visibility into data objects, rules, transformations, and reference data.

Realize Enterprise-Wide Goals with Metadata Management

Informatica Metadata Manager provides core metadata management capabilities essential for broader enterprise initiatives such as:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Data Governance
  • Integration Competency Center (ICC)