Secure@Source Database Privacy and Security Edition

In a data-fueled world, perimeter-based security simply no longer works.

The majority of today's security strategies involve securing an enterprise's perimeters: data centers, applications, devices, data. But today's security measures are not always effective, exhibited by the thousands of security breaches that occur each year. Additionally, data is not restricted to these boundaries. Data is moving all over to fuel applications, devices, and decisions. 

By implementing security at the origin of the data before it is copied and distributed to many locations, insecure devices, and uncontrolled environments, Secure@Source will protect sensitive data while it complements existing data and network security approaches. It won't replace what you have today, but instead provide an additional layer of security that will protect data throughout its lifecycle.

Based on data classification/domain, protection status, proliferation, provenance, user access, and residency., Secure@Source Database Privacy and Security uses advanced discovery, analytics, and interactive visualizations to help organizations understand their sensitive data landscape and risks to enact data privacy and security policies, processes, and controls to reduce risk of sensitive data loss.

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