• Accelerating Insurance Legacy Modernization

    As insurers retire legacy applications and archive dormant data, they must also protect themselves against the risks and costs of data breaches. This white paper examines why legacy modernization projects pose a risk of data breaches and offers a way for insurers to mitigate the risk.

  • Informatica Application Retirement: Executive Insights for the Healthcare Industry CIO

    This white paper advocates for application retirement as a strategic imperative to increase the efficiency and financial agility of healthcare organizations. It discusses the benefits, requirements, process, and value of deploying an initiative to retire legacy application data. Finally, the paper explains how healthcare CIOs can use the application retirement capabilities of Informatica® Data Archive to quickly save millions of dollars, free up limited staff to work on high-value projects, and enhance their compliance with increasingly complex and onerous legal mandates.

  • Data Security Intelligence Future State

    In this White Paper, Neuralytix analyzes the Data Security Intelligence (DSI) market. Our research indicates that this market will reach US$)800M by 2018, growing at a CAGR of 27.8%. North America and EMEA will be responsible for over 95% of the DSI spend.

  • Mitigating Risk in Master Data

    This paper reviews how risk can be mitigated withing master data environments by identifying, analyzing, protecting and monitoring sensitive data.

  • A Practical Guide to Legacy Application Retirement

    This handy guide to retiring legacy applications for the insurance industry sets out the necessary steps for an effective data archiving and retention strategy and suggests technology to support it.