• Bloor InDetail Paper: Informatica Data Governance

    An exploration of Informatica's intelligent data governance solution by Bloor Research, including data quality, data cataloging, compliance and privacy, and policy management, concluding that the solution contains "all the elements that you might look for."

  • The Data Governance Program Workbook

    This regulation could have significant impact on how organizations manage data pertaining to customers, consumers, partners, staff and other data subjects.

  • The State of Data Security Intelligence

    Why are we so vulnerable? Data security and privacy challenge organizations. Billions have been spent on security software and hardware; but only 6% of organizations know where all the sensitive data resides. With the inevitability of a data breach, internal or external, organizations need to focus on understanding and protecting their sensitive data.

  • The State of Data Security Intelligence

    This Ponemon Institute’s research report reveals how organizations are using data security intelligence to assess and minimize risks to their sensitive and confidential information on premise and in the cloud.

  • Data-centric Security: A New Information Security Perimeter

    Information security practices are in the midst of a major transition. Why? Traditional security defenses are no match for internal and targeted attacks that circumvent security controls and steal sensitive data. Furthermore, IT infrastructure (and sensitive data) is extending inside and outside the perimeter; as organizations embrace cloud computing, mobility (i.e., mobile applications, remote/mobile employees, users, etc.), and big data analytics tools. To address modern threats and IT mobility, CISOs must adopt two new security perimeters around data­-centric security and identity.

  • Bank of Dalian

    Bank of Dalian Uses Informatica Data Masking Solution to Protect Sensitive Data

  • Hot Telecommunication

    Hot Telecommunication Relies on Informatica to Protect Data Privacy and Ensure Compliance with Privacy Laws

  • Humana

    Humana is a consumer-focused health company. With Informatica, Humana was able to reduce costs, complexity and redundancies of data collection and aggregation, automate delivery of data queries and reports resulting in increased application adoption, trusted analysis, and consistent use of enterprise data, and empower the data governance team with applications to monitor enforcement points and better visibility into who receives what data.

  • CHRISTUS Health – taking better care of patients

    CHRISTUS Health is focused on the patient – improving outcomes through operational efficiencies and data driven decision making. With end to end integration, their business intelligence initiative provides accurate, integrated views of patient data enterprise-wide.

  • Informatica Test Data Generation

    Test data is essential to building and deploying functional applications. When production data doesn’t contain the data or tables necessary to support a new feature or function, or when IT policy or privacy regulations restrict the use of production data, developers must create their own test data.

  • Informatica Big Data Security

    By evaluating sensitive data’s location, protection, volume, proliferation, use, and value, organizations can create a risk-based view to help prioritize security investments and focus their data protection resources and processes.

  • Implementation Testing Specialists

    Effective implementation testing delivers quality assurance by satisfying user’s requirements, needs and expectations. It is very important to do proper testing during implementation, since improperly done testing may cause mission failure and have an impact on operational performance and reliability.

  • Accelerating Insurance Legacy Modernization

    As insurers retire legacy applications and archive dormant data, they must also protect themselves against the risks and costs of data breaches. This white paper examines why legacy modernization projects pose a risk of data breaches and offers a way for insurers to mitigate the risk.

  • Informatica Application Retirement: Executive Insights for the Healthcare Industry CIO

    This white paper advocates for application retirement as a strategic imperative to increase the efficiency and financial agility of healthcare organizations. It discusses the benefits, requirements, process, and value of deploying an initiative to retire legacy application data. Finally, the paper explains how healthcare CIOs can use the application retirement capabilities of Informatica® Data Archive to quickly save millions of dollars, free up limited staff to work on high-value projects, and enhance their compliance with increasingly complex and onerous legal mandates.

  • Data Security Intelligence Future State

    In this White Paper, Neuralytix analyzes the Data Security Intelligence (DSI) market. Our research indicates that this market will reach US$)800M by 2018, growing at a CAGR of 27.8%. North America and EMEA will be responsible for over 95% of the DSI spend.

  • Mitigating Risk in Master Data

    This paper reviews how risk can be mitigated withing master data environments by identifying, analyzing, protecting and monitoring sensitive data.

  • A Practical Guide to Legacy Application Retirement

    This handy guide to retiring legacy applications for the insurance industry sets out the necessary steps for an effective data archiving and retention strategy and suggests technology to support it.

  • Lowe’s Case Test Data Management Case Study

    For Lowe’s, the provisioning of secure test environments is critical to the quality assurance and release management processes. Improved testing productivity and release speed has a direct business impact. Business innovation is constant at Lowe’s with growing demands for change within the application portfolio.

  • Using GDPR To Your Advantage To Drive Customer Centricity and Trust

    Digitalization further increases the pressure on data privacy. Deeper knowledge of your customer presents new opportunities but simultaneously highlights the need to control and protect customer data. Join this webinar to learn about the role of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and data governance for delivering world class customer experience. Together with our partners Cognizant, we will cover topics such as the impact of GDPR on your customer service, the key steps to meet the GDPR data challenge, guidance on where to start, and how to achieve competitive differentiation and advantage on the back of this new regulation.

  • From Guesswork to actuary Science: Manage Sensitive Data Risks

    Data professional have responsibility for one of their organization’s most valuable asset; sensitive data. With data exploding across organizations, new tools and methods are required to ensure investments are directed where they are most needed. Learn how to turn guesswork into science when it comes to managing your sensitive data.

  • Action GDPR: Finding Sensitive Data

    GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is only a year away, and many organisations are still trying to understand what this new regulation means to them, and their data governance practices. Join us for the second in a series of webinars which focus on how organisation's can begin to action GDPR - this short session is all about accelerating Data Discovery & Classification, how to automate and put in place a repeatable 'near real time capability' with Informatica's Secure@Source.

  • Do Less Accomplish More | Radical new approach to Data Security

    Secure@Source is designed to transform cybersecurity from a concept or idea into concrete actions, with the awareness of where enterprise data resides, how much of it is deemed as confidential or sensitive, how this sensitive data moves and flows through the entire organization and who has access to it. Join us for the webinars which focus on how to building a next generation security solution with using machine learning context, intelligent systems to aid companies like in mitigating external as well as internal threats.

  • EMC Saves Millions with Informatica ILM

    By standardizing on Informatica ILM for application retirement and live archiving, EMC anticipates saving up to hundreds of terabytes of storage and millions. It will also result in a complete payback on the Informatica investment within six months.

Success Story

Bank of Dalian Uses Informatica Data Masking Solution to Protect Sensitive Data

Success Story

CHRISTUS Health uses an enterprise information management system to efficiently capture, normalize, and interrogate data

Success Story

Maintained data integrity and data access after the data was archived.

Success Story

Leading insurance company is transforming data systems with Secure@Source, Microsoft SQL Server and Jira to create a fully modernized and agile environment

Success Story

Hot Telecommunication quickly gained compliance with regulations and accelerated development of telecom solutions

Success Story

TEB uses trusted data to build and extend customer relationships and enhance operational efficiency.

  • Data Archiving: Data Storage & Backup

    Enable your business to manage explosive data growth using a highly compressed file for data storage. Maintain data integrity with data archiving & backup.

  • Intelligent Data Privacy

    Agile Approach to data privacy to Reduce Privacy Risk, Earn Customer Trust, sustainable data, GDPR, PII, CCPA

  • Data Privacy for Dummies

    A Dummies guide to the whys and hows of protecting data privacy at scale with an intelligent data privacy solution.

  • GDPR Compliance For Dummies

    GDPR requires greater protection of customer data. GDPR Compliance For Dummies explains the data governance issues—and the business benefits.

  • Data Archive: Database Backup and Archiving

    Control data growth in production databases and retire legacy applications while managing data access, retention, and compliance. Start reducing legacy application and infrastructure costs - compare data archiving editions to see which is right for your business.

  • Test Data Management Tool

    Learn how Informatica's intelligent data security TDM solution allows automated provisioning of masked and synthetically generated data to meet the needs of test, development, and QA teams.

  • Test Data Generation: Generate Data

    Test Data Generation enables you to automate the creation of test data when production data is not available or data privacy cannot be secured.

  • Test Data Warehouse

    Informatica Test Data Warehouse lets test teams identify and reset test data sets on demand to accelerate testing cycles while lower dependencies on IT.

  • Data Security Training & Certification

    Informatica Data Security Certification allows IT teams to prove their ability to handle every phase of the data lifecycle with 2 levels of certification.

  • Data Archive for Administrators - onDemand

    This course is applicable to software versions 6.4.3 and above. Learn to administer Data Archive from Data Vault through Enterprise Data Management. Configure and maintain primary components of Data Archive in addition to setting up Users and Security.

  • ILM Data Archive 6.x: Application Retirement - onDemand

    Prepare to make the best use of the Informatica ILM Data Archive product with a deeper insight into ILM Data Archive Product features, its components and architecture. Review administration activities on ILM and IDV servers while simultaneously assessing the security features of the product and create/manage Users, Security groups and understand the significance of System-defined and User-defined roles.

  • ILM Data Archive 6.x: Data Visualization - onDemand

    Prepare you to make the best use of Data Visualization feature offered on Informatica ILM Data Archive product for retiring and archiving applications to File Archive Server in your environment. Retire an application database and then build reports from tables, SQL query finally review advanced designer features of Data Visualization option.

  • ILM Data Archive 6.x: Live Archive to Custom Database - onDemand

    Follow the process of moving your largest tables to a custom database by working to create the necessary jobs to move the data and to create the seamless data access between the source database and archive database. Finally, review how to restore data from archived database to source.

  • ILM Data Archive 6.x: Live Archiving to File Archive Server - onDemand

    Prepare to make the best use of Informatica ILM Data Archive product for Live Archiving in your environment by following the process of moving your largest tables to an optimized file archive server. Review how to view and report the Archived data and retain the data for a definite period by applying the concepts of Retention Management, Legal Hold.

  • ILM Data Archive 6.x: Mainframe Retirement - onDemand

    Prepare to make the best use of Informatica ILM Data Archive and Informatica PowerExchange products for retiring mainframe applications in your environment. Follow the process of moving all the mainframe data to an optimized file archive server and create retirement and logical entities and constraints to select the metadata that is used to select the data to be moved.

  • ILM Data Archive 6.x: Smart Partitioning - onDemand

    Prepare to make the best use of Informatica's ILM Data Archive product in your environment by adopting the ILM Data Archive Software for segmenting `data' in production databases. Discover the security features of the product and then create and manage ILM Users, Security groups and understand the significance of System-defined and User-defined roles.

  • ILM Dynamic Data Masking 9.x: Developer, Administrator - onDemand

    This Dynamic Data Masking (DDM) reviews various dynamic data masking components, their functionality, deployment, and usage for those responsible for data security. Architecture, user interface, architectural components, troubleshooting and fine-tuning components are additional topics covered within this training.

  • Informatica Business Transformation Toolkit BOST Orientation

    Informatica’s Introduction to BOST™ course provides an overview of the BOST approach to architecture-led planning. Intended for business, systems, and technology architects/planners, and their managers, interested in learning about the BOST approach and how it relates to their leadership responsibilities and for those who are about to participate in a BOST planning engagement.

  • Informatica Learning Library - Subscription

    Register for one year access to all onDemand training; Informatica’s catalog of self-paced classes that blend engaging multimedia and simulations that enable you to learn about using Informatica products, supplement your existing skills or download tips and tricks from our growing library. The purchase of this subscription includes 60 lab hours for exercises where you can practice lab exercises, keep your skills fresh or try out new ideas inspired from course learning.

  • Informatica MasterPass Education Subscription

    The Informatica MasterPass Education Subscription is your access to any and all official Informatica education public events and courses. Develop your expertise across the Informatica platform to become a true master of enterprise data management and intelligent disruption. This annual subscription program entitles a single individual to attend any public class in the world and access to any onDemand or eLearning course during their subscription. It is a true 24x7 education program for the individual intent on developing their ability and career to the level of Subject Matter Master.

  • Lab Forum for OnDemand Students- Instructor Led

    Come join us for a FREE session designed to help improve your learning experience with a live question and answer session. This clinic is designed to allow you to drop in, asks questions on the onDemand content and labs, specific to the course you purchased. You are not required to attend the entire session. Questions within the clinic will be addressed first come, first serve within the call

  • Secure@Source: Data Security Deep Dive - onDemand

    The Informatica Secure@Source course covers Product Installation, architecture, server management, configuration, discovery, dashboard, user access and activity, security policy and actions and anomaly detection. This course is applicable for software version 3.0.

  • Secure@Source, Specialist Certification

    This exam measures your ability to act as a developer in an Informatica Secure@Source Project or as a junior team member on a consulting project with minimal technical supervision.

  • Test Data Management: Administration

    This course provides students with the fundamental knowledge for working with Informatica Test Data Management. Focused on teaching students about TDM installation, basic architecture, and configuration. This course is applicable for product version 9.7.1.

  • Test Data Management: Advanced

    An Advanced review of Informatica Test Data Management and how to enable Test Data Generation, Test Data Warehouse and Integration of TDM with HP ALM suite. Applicable for product version 9.7.1.

  • Test Data Management for Developers - Instructor Led

    This course is applicable for version 10. Learn the skills required to configure Test Data Management services. Discover data subset components, create smaller and functionally intact data subsets, define data domains, and how to manage the absence of source data.

  • Test Data Management: Fundamentals

    A review of Informatica Test Data Management covering the Product’s functional components such Enterprise Data Discovery, Persistent Data Masking and Subset. Applicable for product version 9.7.1.