Success Story

Tinkoff Bank acquires and retains more customers at a lower cost with Informatica Big Data Management.

Success Story

Informatica Ultra Messaging as the core component of Trading Technologies' IT infrastructure powers a highly scalable and reliable trading platform.

Success Story

TEB uses trusted data to build and extend customer relationships and enhance operational efficiency.

Success Story

UBS creates an enterprise-grade data governance program for risk and compliance reporting

  • Effective use of AI in Banking will separate the leaders from the languishers

    It’s clear that the use of Artificial intelligence and machine learning is set to have widespread impact for banking institutions. Many organizations are already leveraging its power to create personalized self-service, robotic advisors, fraud prevention, risk assessment and of course a huge potential to reduce costs.

  • Build a Better Customer 360

    A guide to using a Master Data Management (MDM) strategy for enterprise data management to enhance the banking customer 360.

  • Risk and Compliance

    Aggregate, govern, and deliver trusted data for Dodd Frank, CCAR, MiFID II, and BCBS 239 compliance.