• Intuit expands to cloud application integration with Informatica Cloud

    Intuit has been an Informatica customer for years, but when they started adopting cloud solutions like Salesforce, they needed a solution to meet their needs. Intuit explored Informatica’s cloud integration solution for cloud application integration. Without any prior experience, Intuit was able to migrate data in 2 days. With Informatica Cloud, they have expanded their Informatica footprint from business intelligence use cases to cloud application integration.

  • Brocade Finds a Scalable Cloud Integration Platform Solution

    As a long-time Informatica customer, Brocade was looking for a solution to meet their Salesforce integration requirements. Brocade added Informatica Cloud to their portfolio as a cloud integration platform to meet their current Salesforce integration and future cloud integration needs.

  • Informatica Cloud Helps AppDynamics Reduce Complexity

    AppDynamics, an application performance management company, uses Informatica Cloud for its ease of use - especially for business users. Informatica Cloud addressed their needs with self-serviceability and by use of a single repository. AppDynamics found Enterprise Service Bus Architectures (ESB) to be complex and required manual processes like custom coding.

  • Life Time Fitness upgrades to a more efficient cloud-based system with Informatica & Microsoft Azure

    Life Time Fitness is a health and wellness company currently operating 118 fitness centers in the US and Canada (many open 24 hours a day), helping subscribed members achieve health objectives, engage in athletics, and reach fitness goals. Informatica is helping Life Time Fitness improve their customer intimacy and developing a 360° view of members that correlates their subscription information with their fitness routines, with their other activities inside the clubs (e.g. yoga, basketball), and with in-club point of sale information (e.g. buying smoothies or jump ropes).

  • Land O’Lakes

    Land O’Lakes leverages Informatica and Salesforce to provide data analytics to its global agricultural cooperative. 10,000 employees across three business units utilize Informatica and Salesforce to help members, producer partners, and consumers maximize efficiency through data.

  • BT Improves Salesforce Reporting and Analytics with Informatica Cloud

    BT is the major provider of telecommunications networks and services in the UK as well as a global communications company serving customers in more than 170 countries. With Informatica Cloud, BT integrated nine Salesforce organizations to provide a single view of sales prospects, agile reporting and forecasting and the ability to plan strategically as a business.