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  • The MDM Landscape Q2 2017

    Information Difference in its MDM Landscape Q2 2017 report recognizes Informatica as the clear leader in the master data management market.

  • Customer 360 Data Hub for Insurance

    Customer 360 Data Hub is an accelerator for the Insurance industry, from GFT and Informatica, that provides the great data needed to support these drivers of transformation.

  • A Road Map to Successful Customer Centricity in Financial Services

    This paper discusses three key areas of focus for delivering the right data to enable customer centricity in financial services: Master data management for authoritative customer information; data quality for trusted and accurate business information; and cross-channel data integration for service consistency.

  • Data-Driven Retail: The Path to Maximize the Shopper Experience

    This report explores the challenges retailers face in harnessing data and analytics to better meet customer expectations across all interaction channels. It also provides an overview of the three core building blocks retailers must establish and nurture in order to maximize their performance through the effective use of data.

  • Informatica Procurement

    In large international companies or public institutions, Informatica’s industry independent catalog solution supports automated and cost-saving procurement of products and services.

  • Is Your Approach to Multidomain Master Data Management Upside-Down?

    Some master data management (MDM) technologies have created a misperception in the market that MDM is designed to solve only a single business problem. This could not be further from the truth. Fundamentally, MDM is designed to solve multiple complex business problems across business units, departments, divisions, and regions—eliminating the need to create a unique MDM solution for each business problem.

  • Informatica MDM Product 360 v8 Brochure

    Product 360 provides retailers, distributors, manufacturers and companies in other verticals such as automotive with an end-to-end, transparent process along the product information supply chain.