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  • Marketing Data Quality: Four Roles, One Goal

    Legendary business management guru Peter Drucker once said: “No decision has been made unless carrying it out in specific steps has become someone's work assignment and responsibility.” The marketing operations function must step up and claim ownership of data management by making a member of the team specifically responsible for data quality control. Once this step is taken, the rest of the hierarchy can be built, as well as the processes and metrics that will drive it in the future. Otherwise, be prepared to continue facing the same issue with marketing data management that has plagued it over time: It’s everyone’s problem but no one’s responsibility.

  • The Contact Data Enrichment Checklist

    It takes accurate contact data to deliver the best customer experiences. It’s why the most effective marketers make sure their contact data is verified and enriched. In this checklist, we’ll show you how to do that in three simple steps.

  • The MDM Landscape Q2 2017

    Information Difference in its MDM Landscape Q2 2017 report recognizes Informatica as the clear leader in the master data management market.

  • A Road Map to Successful Customer Centricity in Financial Services

    This paper discusses three key areas of focus for delivering the right data to enable customer centricity in financial services: Master data management for authoritative customer information; data quality for trusted and accurate business information; and cross-channel data integration for service consistency.

  • Using SMS for Marketing: A Beginner’s Resource

    Use this buyer’s guide to learn about one of the simplest forms of communication and how businesses are using it to interact with customers. This innovative tool is the text message, or SMS messaging.

  • Great Data – The Key to Building and Sustaining Customer Relationships

    In an ideal world, marketers would leverage their data to identify, segment, and target customers and prospects when and where they are most likely to respond, and with the best possible messaging to drive engagement, response, and sales conversations. Marketers don’t live in that ideal world. Garter finds that 82% of CMOs don’t feel prepared to deal with large sets of data. How can data enrichment help marketers get to that ideal world/overcome these challenges? See how to put data to work for you, the key challenges you need to understand, and how to solve these challenges with a strategy that combines data infrastructure and the content of your data itself.