Business Transformation Services

A proven framework for navigating complex management challenges in the data-driven enterprise.


Informatica Professional Services enables enterprise architects to support business and IT planners in identifying strategic opportunities for business transformation, defining agile solutions for these opportunities, and establishing and governing transformation programs through the methodologies, models, and framework in the BOST™Toolkit.


BOST™ focuses on business functions, not processes

A business-driven approach providing a collaborative language and foundation for transformation, the BOST toolkit consists of: 

  • The BOST Framework: Views of enterprise relationships built on an underlying Metamodel 
  • Integrated Program Planning: Models, assessments, opportunities, and roadmaps
  • Reusable Reference Models: Generic and industry-specific examples to identify essential capabilities and relationships 
  • Flexible Modeling Tool and Repository: Attributes used for matrix analyses and Web and document deliverables.

What is the BOST Framework?

Exposing all dependencies and impacts of a planned change in order to minimize risk, the BOST Framework provides:

  1. The Business View for assessing market and opportunities, expanding product portfolios, and leveraging partnering opportunities
  2. The Operations View for designing effective business processes and well-defined organizational accountabilities
  3. The Systems View for automating business process workflow and transaction management
  4. The Technology View for viewing architecture models to design the underlying IT infrastructure

Service Offerings and Approach

Our architectural and delivery services span every major project phase, and our proprietary approach minimizes risk and delivers a faster return on your investment.

Professional Service Offerings

Get expert support for every major project phase--from strategy development through implementation management.


Our lean and agile integration approach helps you avoid common pitfalls and achieve predictable, timely results.