Matrix Service Company

Matrix Service Company is the parent company to a family of companies that include Matrix Service, Matrix NAC, Matrix PDM Engineering and Matrix Applied Technologies. Matrix designs, builds and maintains infrastructure critical to North America’s energy, power and industrial markets.

As Matrix grew both organically and through acquisitions, the number of data integrations it had to maintain between enterprise applications steadily increased. IT staff spent long hours building custom integrations and updating code, limiting their ability to address the company’s project backlog and work with business users to improve usability.

“We needed to find a scalable and reliable tool to move data between applications and keep integrations consistently updated,” says Julius Hughes, IT Manager of Application Architecture, Matrix Service Company. “We wanted a solution that we could implement immediately, without writing a lot of custom code - and provide a consistent training experience for IT staff.”

To address these needs, Matrix turned to Informatica. “With Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services, we could focus our time on quality data integrations instead of getting distracted by the non-value added tasks that accompany managing an on-premises tool,” says Julius. “It only took a couple of hours for us to begin using Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services, and we quickly solved our data integration issues. Informatica is and has always been an intuitive solution—it just works.”

Matrix is also using Informatica to complete the process of digitizing paper employee records, improving HR information access and security. Paper documents are simply scanned, placed in a digital file share, and then picked up by Informatica and sent to the appropriate employee record in the company’s HR management system, UltiPro.


Business Need

Empower and incentivize employees to deliver the best customer service

Keep payroll and benefits information up to date across multiple systems



Continually integrate and update data across 30+ enterprise applications, including ERP and HR systems

Custom-coded integrations between applications were unreliable and difficult to maintain, causing payroll and benefits errors


Solutions & Results

Replace custom integrations with Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services to bring in data from applications and databases

Fast time to value with a cloud-based solution implemented in hours

Streamlined acquisitions and provided consistent payroll and benefits experiences for employees

Redirected efforts of six full-time employees to focus on new projects and engage business users


Products & Services

Intelligent Cloud Services

A next-generation iPaaS, re-imagined for new data management challenges with a microservices architecture.

Success Stories

RAE Systems

Informatica Cloud reduced expense and risk compared with appliance-based and on-premise integration solutions.


AppDynamics wanted to evolve to where it could govern the entire application lifecycle and give businesses actionable insights for better decision-making.


Solved the immediate problem of getting the data from its enterprise HR business users.