Nonprofit Financial Services Organization

For more than 100 years members have relied on this not-for-profit organization for everything from life insurance and annuities to mutual funds and disability insurance. Today, these services, plus assistance in money management, brokerage, and retirement planning, are enriching the lives of its 2.3 million members nationwide. 

“The ability to customize products and services for our members helps instill loyalty. With Informatica, that capability is stronger than ever, as is our ability to bring solutions to market faster. The result is higher levels of trust among our members, which fuels our success as an organization.”

IT Manager

Nonprofit Financial Services Organization
Business Need
  • Instill trust from members by delivering timely and relevant product and service offerings
  • Achieve a continuous evolution of products and services through agile development
  • Create a dynamic, tailored portfolio of products and services that reflect changing member needs
  • Become an agile development organization to react quicker to member needs and market changes
  • Create a Center of Excellence and implement best practices for Software Quality Testing Processes and Standards.
  • Increase the amount of member data used in product development to create tailored solutions for members
  • Support DevOps: implementation and operationalization of Test Data Management as a component to achieve Continuous Integration and Continuous Development
  • Reduce six-month product development time by provisioning data faster and more safely for testing teams onshore and offshore
Solutions & Results
  • Informatica Test Data Management makes production data instantly available for testing
  • Identifiable information (PII) Data Informatica PowerCenter Data Validation Option enables continuous monitoring of the production test environment, helping to ensure the protection of confidential member data
  • Eliminates average two- to three-week wait for test data, helping to accelerate product test cycles
  • Decreases product development cycles by up to 91% to bring financial solutions to market faster
  • Informatica Test Data Generation creates synthetic data that supports software testing with production-like data, without risking the exposure of real Personal
  • Educate organization to embrace long-term, continuous improvement of products and services
  • Reduces product testing time by 50%, supporting a four-week development cycle

Products & Services

Informatica Test Data Management

Provides secure, automated provisioning of non-production datasets to meet development needs

Informatica Test Data Generation

Automates the creation of synthetic, yet realistic, data when production data can't be used in test and development environments.

Informatica PowerCenter Data Validation Option

Informatica PowerCenter gives you a scalable, high-performance enterprise data integration solution that supports the entire data integration lifecycle.