Telkomsel Selular

With more than 163 million subscribers, Telkomsel Selular is Indonesia's largest mobile operator and one of the top 10 largest mobile companies in the world. Telkomsel was the first mobile operator in Indonesia to commercially launch 4G LTE services and the company has been continuously developing a wide range of digital business solutions, including Digital Advertising, Digital Lifestyle, Digital Payment, and IoT/M2M. Telkomsel operates a 24-hour call center and more than 430 service centers across Indonesia.

With a mobile network distributed across the country—including remote areas, outer islands, and border areas—the collection and processing of data from 124K BTSs (base receiver stations) in a centralized and timely manner created a significant big data management challenge for Telkomsel. The company needed to manage more than 18  billion call detail records (CDRs) per day with complex data formats produced by multiple equipment producers, while also preparing for new M2M data volumes. It was getting increasingly expensive to manage and store the growing data sets, and the company lacked a single view of business data and performance.

By better managing CDR and new M2M data, Telkomsel could impact the business with more effective and timely decision making and enable the company to take advantage of data monetization opportunities to provide a new revenue stream from M2M technologies. But first, Telkomsel needed to break down data silos and improve data quality. With better data, Telkomsel would gain the critical insights and reports it needed to run daily operations in an optimal manner; drive effective sales campaigns; and manage the customer experience.

To differentiate itself in the market, Telkomsel runs close to 700 nodes of Hadoop (Cloudera), with the Informatica solution as the de facto data collection and processing solution across its enterprise. For data residing outside of Hadoop, the Informatica solution will automatically stage the data on the fly to Hadoop prior to processing the data pipeline. This is extremely helpful when managing smaller datasets such as dimensions, lookups, and reference data residing in databases outside of Hadoop or for datasets that are frequently updated.

As a result, Telkomsel has an IT infrastructure that is driving:

  • New streams of revenue
  • Market differentiators
  • Near real-time insights
  • Improved data governance
  • Improved IT resource allocation by eliminating unnecessary hand-coding

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Intelligent Big Data

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