Informatica Connector for Adobe Cloud Platform

Lead intelligent data-driven digital experiences


Data is the cornerstone of personalized customer experience

The best marketers are those who can automate the intelligence-gathering process of integrating their vast amounts of customer data. With access to data that includes customer purchase histories, web and social interactions, and email responses, marketers can improve the success rate of their digital marketing initiatives. Intelligent customer insights helps marketers improve media buying, better define target customers, deliver personalized and relevant messages, and offer the most appropriate product. The best way to do this is with a data management solution that simplifies and synchronizes the integration and management of customer data for data-driven digital marketing campaigns.

Power the Adobe Cloud Platform with connected data

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services makes it easy for users to integrate data with Adobe Cloud Platform with pre-built connectivity to hundreds of on-premises and cloud sources. Using Informatica Connector for Adobe Cloud Platform customers can accelerate the loading and merging of experience business data such as accounts, profiles, events, products and consumer behavior data into the Adobe Experience Data Model (XDM), the standard data model of Adobe Cloud Platform. Customers can also read experience business data expressed in XDM and synchronize it with other applications, both on-premises and in the cloud.

With the experience data consolidated in Adobe Cloud Platform, marketers can orchestrate exceptional customer experiences with robust consumer profiles and deliver personalized experiences to individual audience segments using the Adobe Experience Cloud.


Discovering insights on a customer data platform