Accelerate Application Integration and Hyperautomation With Informatica’s iPaaS

Next-Gen iPaaS for Application Integration and Hyperautomation

Cloud is an accelerator for every digital transformation. But many enterprises have an application stack that consists of legacy on-premises systems (such as Siebel, PeopleSoft and homegrown applications) that are inflexible, brittle and expensive to maintain. To gain the business agility they need, enterprises are turning to modern, cloud-native applications like Workday, Salesforce and others. Enterprises are also looking towards adopting hyperautomation to drive exceptional customer and employee experiences. The challenge is doing so quickly — and successfully.

Digital transformation initiatives may stall or fail if enterprises operate their business-critical applications and processes in silos. Enterprises need to integrate all their applications and automate end-to-end business processes with real-time data flows. This provides a unified view across business operations, processes and systems to meet the demands of today’s digital-first economy. Enterprise-wide hyperautomation delivers orchestrated business processes, automated workflows across multiple applications and real-time data processing. An iPaaS solution is intended to help enterprises drive agility to create a competitive advantage by hyperautomating critical business processes and integrating applications at the speed of now.

Informatica’s iPaaS Delivers Key Capabilities for Application Integration and Hyperautomation

Single Intelligent Platform for Application Integration and Hyperautomation

The Informatica® iPaaS solution is built for multi-cloud ecosystems and on-premises environments. As a microservices-based architecture, it enables enterprise-scale integration and support for all data management patterns such as master data management, data quality, data catalog, API and application integration, data governance and many more. Enterprises can now connect hundreds of applications and services from cloud and on-premises environments via self-service, discovery-centric marketplaces and business interoperability portals — all within a single platform unifying API creation and management, data set processing, event processing and more. It supports any integration pattern, user type or endpoint to hyperautomate business processes, expedite transactions and enable real-time analytics. Enterprises can expose and monitor event APIs and process APIs in real time and easily automate their user workflows and business processes that span cloud and on-premises applications. The iPaaS solution also provides capabilities such as serverless execution of customer payloads, commercial-grade trust certification, high availability and business continuity and advanced security (platform, network, infrastructure).

Codeless Intelligent Application, Process and Data Integration

With Informatica’s modular design environment, enterprises can implement and manage intelligent application integrations, data integrations, automation of business processes, APIs and guides without code. Now you can connect and orchestrate real-time data or services from cloud applications such as Salesforce, Workday and many more, with on-premises data sources like Oracle or SAP or API-based REST (XML or JSON) and SOAP services. This empowers integration architects, data stewards and even non-technical business users to easily build, assemble, monitor and maintain integrations and APIs.

Intelligent Automation of Business and Data APIs

Informatica’s iPaaS enables the intelligent automation of business and data APIs to provide unprecedented productivity. Enterprises can now integrate applications and synchronize data across multiple applications in real time with automatic mappings. It can drive important business processes that span cloud and on-premises assets, applications and data services, such as discount approval, order-to-cash or service-call resolution. It can also manage complex interactions between systems and human workflows. Enterprises can automate their data ingestion, propagation and business processes using Informatica’s simplified orchestration capabilities.

Intelligent API Access to Any Data

Enterprises can monitor business services and manage and control API usage in real time. With an API call, enterprises can orchestrate, ingest, synchronize, replicate, transform and lift and shift any data, residing anywhere — cloud or on-premises, inside or outside your firewall — at any speed (with any specified latency or in real time). Enterprises can also choose to deliver data, process and event services as APIs to be consumed by applications and partners. Access to your APIs is controlled, throttled and monitored. Simply put, you can create your data as an API in a secure, well-managed manner. Informatica’s cloud-native solutions enable lines of business to share data with each other and transform business processes in real time. It provides a no-code activation of business and data APIs using single-click activation of processes and data sources such as APIs. This empowers businesses to react to business events in a timely way.

Automated Governance and Quality

Enterprises can drive agility with intelligent automation of business and data APIs to provide unprecedented productivity. And they can leverage cloud-native data quality tools, resilient data hubs and build services and APIs to be reused across teams. When enterprises start on their application modernization initiatives, governance, policy control and quality are core checklist functionalities. Examples include API access, data privacy and determining single sources of truth. Informatica’s enterprise-class governance allows these controls to be distributed through the organization — even providing non-technical business users the ability to make certain policy decisions. Features such as AI-driven discovery, search and data profiling ensure organization-wide trust in the data, which is critical to any application integration and hyperautomation effort.

Key Benefits of Informatica’s iPaaS


Informatica’s iPaaS empowers enterprises to take the fastest path to hyperautomation with simplified integration:

Figure 1: Process Designer.

Figure 1: Process Designer.

  • Single platform for API creation and management, data set processing, event processing, and process integration and hyperautomation
  • No-code/low-code UX with easy drag-and-drop design experience supports a range of skillsets
  • Cloud-native integrated versioning, automated SDLC, customizable continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) and no-build deployment
  • Single-click activation of Data API Providers


Informatica’s iPaaS solution fosters intelligent automation of business and data APIs to provide unprecedented productivity, collaboration and governance:

Figure 2. Integrated integration with source control.

Figure 2. Integrated integration with source control.

  • Intelligent recommendations powered by the metadata-driven intelligence of Informatica’s CLAIRE® AI engine for rapid development
  • Data APIs for real-time data propagation and access, supporting providers and consumers
  • Business APIs for modern business operations and flexibility
  • Dynamic mapping, mapplets, parameterization and subprocesses for higher reusability
  • Self-service wizard-based builders, cloud-native designers and built-in debugging and testing


Informatica’s iPaaS delivers the scale and speed the business requires:

Figure 3. SLA-based monitoring.

Figure 3. SLA-based monitoring.

  • 15+ trillion transactions per month
  • Multi-cloud and hybrid deployments for highly resilient/persistent stateful processes
  • Purpose-built tools for all personas, from developers to citizen integrators, to scale your speed of delivery and maintenance
  • Ops-centricity for monitoring, runtime measurement, API protection in the cloud and on premises and anomaly detection
  • Third-party partner and supplier gateway and portal

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