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Choose from multiple value-add programs to customize your support. 

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On-Premise Support

Informatica recognizes that the success of your enterprise data integration strategy depends not only on the strength of the software, but also on superior, timely service and support. 

Our solution is not one-size-fits-all. We tailor your Support program to meet your needs.

Enterprise Support: Focused support for Implementations spanning multiple geographies, offering 24X7 support for critical issues

Tailored for medium- to large-scale enterprises, the enterprise-level support program provides 24x7 access to our support staff globally for critical issues, significantly mitigating against costly downtime. Enterprise Support provides access to our advanced, intelligent algorithm that monitors case activity in context and preemptively alerts support leadership of situations requiring their direct attention.

Mission-Critical Support: Proactive services to meet complex business requirements of mission-critical applications. 

Recommended for large enterprises and Integration competency centers (ICCs), Mission-Critical Support is designed for customers running multiple projects where latency and performance are key success factors. This level provides all the services of Enterprise Support with the option of having a designated engineering team within the Informatica support organization. In addition, for those customers who have made significant investment in Informatica products, Informatica will provide a customer success manager to help accelerate product adoption and drive greater success. 

Value-Added Services:

  • Predictive Escalation: Based on an advanced algorithm that monitors and pre-emptively alerts support leadership of situations requiring direct attention.
  • Critical Milestone Support: Gives you confidence and helps mitigate risks during critical activities, a project milestone, or other periods of change.
  • Informatica Competency Center Enablement: To help your team resolve problems faster and more effectively, this program allows one or two individuals from your organization to come to one of our support centers to learn directly from our experienced support engineers.