Support financial services marketing and sales

Increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities in financial services

Expand your reach with financial services marketing

Improve your marketing and sales efforts to increase wallet share with your customers with trusted, timely, and customer-centric data.


Expanding wallet share

Developing high-performing marketing campaigns to expand wallet share with confidence requires the right data.

Improve response rates and lower your marketing costs

Leverage verified address, phone, and email info when developing and executing cross-sell marketing campaigns.

Obtain a single view of your customer

Create a single view of your customers and understand what their relationship is with the business and to each other.

Deal with and eliminate duplicate records

Avoid costly marketing mistakes or upsetting customers due to mixups caused by duplicate records across disparate systems.

Improve business trust in your data

Build and execute data quality rules to fix errors, monitor exceptions, and deliver data quality reports and scorecards.

Boost cross-sell and upsell opportunities 

See how trusted data and customer insights enable you to more effectively market new products and services. 


Driving targeted selling with improved customer insights 


Get a single, trusted view of your customer


Build a Better Customer 360

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Informatica Cloud Application Integration

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Informatica Customer 360 Insights

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Ten Data Quality Dividends

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Improve your customer targeting

Leverage customer data insights to drive opportunities for cross-selling and upselling new products and services

Data Quality

Ensure consistently high data quality across cloud and on-premises data sources.

Customer 360

Discover how to strategically manage, visually explore and securely share customer data to deliver great customer experience.

Customer 360 Insights

An intelligent customer data platform to transform, segment, and analyze customer information.

Ready to excite customers with new offers?


Trust in data