Vintcom Technology Public Company Limited


The Company is a distributor of IT Distributor of well-known and internationally recognized information technology products, which are suitable for enterprise-level organization.

The Company offers a wide range of solutions to provide customers with complete solutions and services such as Server, Storage, Engineered Systems or Converged Solutions, Network Security, Networking Devices, Database System, Operating System, Virtualization System, Middleware; and Software Development Tools and Data Management such as Data Integration System, Big Data Management System, Cloud Data Management System, Data Quality System, Data Security System etc. The Company also provides services in information technology-related products for which the company being authorized service providers e.g. those requiring IT expertise (Professional Services), Maintenance Services, and Installation Services. The company's main target customers are system integrators (SI) that offer end users in public and private sectors sophisticated information technology systems for a wide range of applications.

The Company regularly contacts SI clients, most of which are well-known and leading companies in the field of system integration, consultancy and technology development, information and communication. The company rarely sell its products directly to end-users. These end-users are often large organizations with information technology departments that have with ability to design and build their own systems, or continually investing in ongoing projects.


Asia Pacific: Thailand, Japan