Data Archiving

Control Data Growth and Costs While Ensuring Compliance with Informatica Data Archiving

Both corporate and government IT organizations are struggling with the explosive growth in data that is accumulating in business applications such as CRM and ERP systems, not to mention in seldom-used legacy applications. Combine that challenge with increasing regulatory requirements for greater data retention and it becomes clear that there’s a greater need than ever for effective data archiving solutions.

Informatica Data Archiving helps IT organizations get a handle on this growth in data volumes. Data archiving is safely and efficiently implemented for critical application data, providing IT seamless access to data and helping them deliver it to business stakeholders as needed—easily and cost effectively.

With Informatica Data Archiving, IT can identify and move inactive data from production databases and enterprise applications to another database or to a secure, highly compressed, immutable file. Application-specific business rules ensure that data integrity is maintained after data archiving has been completed.

  • Informatica Data Archiving improves the performance of productions databases and applications while reducing costs
  • Informatica Data Archiving helps safely retire legacy applications and mainframes while maintaining easy access to archived data
  • Informatica Data Archiving helps support compliance by enabling faster and more efficient responses to audit requests

As organizational data volumes expand and regulations require increased data retention, data archiving becomes an even more critical task for IT departments.

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