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Secure, simple, collaborative data preparation for your entire workforce.

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Reclaim your day with REV

Spend more time analyzing, less time prepping messy data.

Connect to any data - anywhere

Import data directly into REV from Excel files, Flat files, SaaS business apps like Salesforce, Marketo, Netsuite, etc., or on-premise databases like Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL server, and other JDBC data sources. Extend connectivity to 100s of business apps with Informatica Cloud integration framework.

Dedupe, standardize, enrich

Quickly identify and resolve partial and exact duplicates in a few clicks. Create computed columns to aggregate and reshape your data. Validate data like email addresses and zip codes with Informatica’s integrated DaaS services.

Easy data blending

Beginners and experts alike can use our automated data blending to join multiple datasets together.

Export clean data for visualization and analytics

When you’re ready to visualize your data, export it directly to Tableau or to business apps like Salesforce.

Ad-hoc data exploration & profiling

Know exactly what’s in your dataset. Pinpoint outliers, unique values, and data errors. See visual data summaries in maps and charts to understand data trends. Get automatic suggestions for fixing data anomalies.

Refresh, repeat, operationalize

Every data prep step you take is recorded as a “Recipe.” Refresh your datasets with the same Recipe on a schedule, without redoing your work. Export your perfected Recipes as ‘mapplets’ so your IT team can operationalize your data requirements into enterprise data flows.

Experience how REV can simplify your day

“I used to spend hours every week filtering, cleaning, and updating my marketing email lists.”

Now, REV spots and corrects errors on the spot, and I actually get to focus on writing a killer subject line.

–Erica Smith, Marketing Manager

“I’m part of a team that moves a million miles an hour."

I used to scramble to get our sales team their leads after an event. With REV, I can make sure clean and standardized leads are getting to the right rep within hours, instead of days.

–Oscar Rodriguez, Presales Manager

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