Data Archive
Standard Edition

Improve application performance, lower maintenance costs, and retain access to data by actively managing data growth in your mission-critical applications.

Actively manage how you handle data growth with smart partitioning and live-archiving capabilities.

Actively manage the effects of data growth, and prevent it from negatively impacting your application performance and system manageability. By actively moving data to online partition segments or to an archive database, you optimize the amount of data for both users and high-volume processing activities. For example, most users require only the current year of data to complete daily activities.

Archiving inactive data from prior years optimizes datasets for these day-to-day users. Other users that require a “deeper” view of data can be provided with default or ad-hoc access to view more data based on their job functions and processing requirements. Users experience more consistent performance levels while using the native application screens and reports without change. No retraining is required. Inactive data that is archived can also be made into read-only data and compressed to save storage in both production and non-production environments.

It includes:
  • Data growth analytics and performance monitoring
  • Automated partition management
  • Compression of archive data and partition segments
  • Comprehensive audit logging
  • Connectivity and support for leading databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Netezza, Teradata, and others
  • Pre-built accelerators for fast deployment and version support for Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, Siebel, JD Edwards, and Amdocs CRM
Key benefits include the ability to:
  • Significantly improve and maintain consistent application performance
  • Reduce infrastructure costs for production and non-production databases
  • Reduce maintenance time for backup/recovery, patching, and upgrades
  • Retain access to data using native applications

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