Informatica Intelligent Cloud Data Management for Snowflake

Harness the Power of Snowflake Data Cloud With Intelligent Cloud Data Management for Free

Companies are looking to drive transformation and accelerate analytics in their business. To do this, they must have an effective data platform strategy. A key piece of this strategy is taking advantage of the revolutionary way that a modern data cloud like Snowflake can collect, access and analyze data. 

Unfortunately, data is often scattered across many silos within organizations. This increases the complexity for IT professionals and delays time-to-value for the business community. Organizations that want to derive the greatest value from Snowflake Data Cloud need a high-performance, easy-to-use, cloud-native solution to integrate and deliver timely, trusted data to Snowflake

Accelerate Your Move to Snowflake

Breaking Down Data Silos

Reduce the time and effort required to move to Snowflake’s modern data cloud with the industry-leading, cloud-native dataintegration platform as a service (iPaaS), Informatica® Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ (IDMC) for Snowflake, you can quickly connect to cloud and on-premises data sources, profile data and then integrate and stage the data in Snowflake for analytics. 

Together with Snowflake’s innovative modern data cloud, you gain a best-of-breed, scalable, multi-cloud solution that allows any user to work with any data at scale to generate data-driven insights. IDMC Accelerator for Snowflake redefines how enterprises provision data-pipeline workloads to the cloud.

Key Features 

Informatica Cloud Data Integration Service 

Informatica Cloud Data Integration Service enables high-performance ETL, ELT and ingestion. With Cloud Data Integration you can: 

  • Automate and speed up your workload migration with out-of-the-box solution templates tailored for Snowflake.  

  • Simplify complex data integration loads with codeless advanced integration, using a mapping designer with out-of-the-box basic and advanced data integration options. 

  •  Orchestrate multiple data integration tasks and mappings, run them in a non-linear parallel fashion and perform advanced exception-handling and decision-making without coding from a modern web-based administrative console.  

  • Get intelligent structure discovery that leverages machine learning to understand the structure of complex files and automatically infer the appropriate processing model.  

  • Enable the extraction and transfer of changed data with change data capture. 

Informatica Cloud Mass Ingestion Service 

With Informatica Cloud Mass Ingestion Service, you can: 

  • Streamline the high-performance transfer of enterprise data assets in file format, securely and at scale, from on-premises and cloud sources to Snowflake. 

  • Transfer any size or supported type of file with high performance and scalability.

Pre-Built Connectivity

 IDMC Accelerator for Snowflake includes pre-built connectors that support any data type (structured, unstructured or complex) and any data pattern (ETL, ELT). It also provides advanced capabilities like push-down optimization (converts data pipelines to Snowflake queries for in-database data processing), change data capture, advanced lookups, partitioning and error handling. With this offering you can select 4 of the 20 most popular connectors for Snowflake. 

Exclusive for Snowflake Customers 

You get all the features mentioned above, plus the ability to process up to one billion rows of data per month, free of charge. Use Informatica’s free Data Loader for Snowflake to easily access and load your data. Data Loader provides a wizard-driven experience to accelerate data onboarding into your cloud data warehouses.

Key Benefits

  • Start for free — load up to one billion rows per month of data to Snowflake
  • Accelerate data migration and break down enterprise data silos with pre-built connectivity to cloud and on-premises data sources
  • Build and run basic to advanced integrations with pre-built templates and reusable mappings — no coding needed
  • Experience high-powered, high-performance transfer of databases, cloud applications, data warehouses and files securely at scale

Drive Transformation and Accelerate Analytics With Modern Data Pipelines and the Elasticity of the Cloud 

Informatica’s cloud-native automation, pre-built connectivity, templates, mappings and mass-ingestion capabilities — coupled with the scalable, self-service, multicluster elasticity of Snowflake’s modern data cloud — enable you to optimize your IT resources, accelerate the processing speed of large-scale data integration and increase access to data to drive better business decisions, faster. 

Together, we enable the most robust end-to-end data pipelines to help you deliver data at the speed of your business.

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