Success Story

Tinkoff Bank acquires and retains more customers at a lower cost with Informatica Big Data Management.

  • The Marketing Data Lake

    A story of how one data-driven marketing team tackled today’s most critical marketing challenge—to answer the simplest questions about leads and revenue.

  • A Road Map to Successful Customer Centricity in Financial Services

    This paper discusses three key areas of focus for delivering the right data to enable customer centricity in financial services: Master data management for authoritative customer information; data quality for trusted and accurate business information; and cross-channel data integration for service consistency.

  • BCBS 239: Strategies and Capabilities

    Banks are facing increasing pressure from regulators to improve their reporting capabilities, with the Basel Committee’s Principles for effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting (BCBS239), released in January 2013, as a particular point of focus at present. This report explores existing capabilities and strategies being taking to comply with the BCBS 239 principles, with particular focus on data aggregation, data quality, counterparty risk transparency, data transparency and business comprehension, risk data initiatives.

  • Bank of Dalian

    Bank of Dalian Uses Informatica Data Masking Solution to Protect Sensitive Data

  • Jiangsu Zijin Rural Commercial Bank

    Jiangsu Zijin Rural Commercial Bank is among 57 rural commercial banks under the Jiangsu rural credit system. Headquartered in Nanjing, the bank operates nine primary sub-branches, 125 bank outlets and has more than 2,200 employees.


    Farmers and fisherfolk might not seem a prime customer base for a major bank, but they are for the Land Bank of the Philippines (LANDBANK). This financial services institution is the fourth largest bank in the Philippines, the largest government-owned bank, and is the biggest lender to farmers and fisherfolk cooperatives, rural banks and local government units

  • National Interstate Insurance

    University Advancement at Michigan State University Improves its Data Quality and Governance Strategies with Help from Informatica

  • Banking on the Cloud: nCino Makes Loan Processing Faster and More Efficient

    When borrowers apply for a loan, they want to know two things: whether they are approved, and when they can get their money. Lenders also appreciate a speedy loan origination process and a quick close—it’s simply more efficient, results in happier customers, and can make a real difference in boosting loan volumes.


    Financial institution uses Informatica Cloud Solution to Support Business Growth

  • Yapi Kredi

    Informatica Identity Resolution enables Yapi Kredi to automatically and securely process 6 million credit card applications per month, a dramatic acceleration that increases the bank’s underwriting productivity.

  • Cognizant Securities Central, Powered by Informatica MDM

    Can you settle the majority of your trades in T+1 day? Do you have challenges computing end-of-day pricing? Are you able to quickly determine your own risk exposure or that of your top clients and act on that information? If you face challenges in any of these areas, the root cause can be related to how your firm manages master data around securities, issuers, and counterparties.