FPL Group

FPL Group is a $10 billion utility company with 12,000 employees in 26 states. To better manage its workforce and prepare for future growth, the company wanted to integrate all of its human resources systems into a single Web-enabled portal covering all HR information from recruitment to retirement.

“The whole manual metric collection process took about three weeks, and by then the data was stale. Now it takes us one day to collect the data, crank the numbers, and it's available the next day.”

Joery Carty, Manager of Employee Informatica Delivery Group, FPL Group


Business Need

Provide managers and analysts with greater visibility into HR data.

Improve decision-making.



Delayed reporting: data was aggregated from legacy HR systems, packaged as spreadsheets, and distributed to business users for basic reporting.

Create consistency in data definitions across the organization.


Solutions & Results

Shortened access to HR metrics from three weeks to one day.

Enabled end users to spot and understand trends and drivers.

Ensured data consistency enterprise-wide.

Simplified back-end administration.


Products & Services

Informatica PowerCenter Advanced Edition

Standardizes data integration at an enterprise level, across numerous projects and departments.

Success Stories

Southwest Power Pool

The Informatica Platform and data replication solution reduced typical analysis time from one day to 20 minutes.

Thames Water Utilities Ltd.

Improved decision-making by facilitating fast, accurate reporting with PowerCenter.

Ace Hardware

ACE Hardware increased developer productivity 60 percent with PowerCenter