Google Cloud Connectors

The fastest way to integrate Google Cloud into your multi-cloud data infrastructure.

High-performance integration for Google BigQuery

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Service’s native, high-volume connectivity to BigQuery lets you quickly kick off a BigQuery project and seamlessly scale as data volumes and types grow. Easily access, transform, and load data into and out of Google BigQuery from any data source—SaaS, cloud, social, IoT, or existing on-premises systems such as SAP, relational databases, and data warehouses. Leverage Informatica to automate data integration so your coders can focus on high-value data science.

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Manage any of your data in
Google Cloud Storage

Seamlessly integrate Google Cloud’s unified, impressively scalable object storage and your data environment. With Informatica, you can move, transform, and manage structured and unstructured data for content distribution, backup and archiving, disaster recovery, and big data analytics. Use Informatica to synchronize data with Google Cloud Storage to accelerate analytics, machine learning, and data lake projects.



Take full advantage of
Google Cloud Spanner

Migrate data, applications, and analytics to Google Cloud’s enterprise-grade, strongly consistent relational database service quickly and reliably. Whether you are modernizing workloads by moving them to Cloud Spanner or building out new use cases, Informatica helps you transfer data and keep Cloud Spanner in sync with the rest of your data ecosystem.

Integrate Cloud SQL database services

Maximize the benefits of Google Cloud’s fully managed Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL and Cloud SQL for MySQL databases by integrating them with your multi-cloud data infrastructure. Use high-performance Informatica integration tools to quickly and easily migrate PostgreSQL and MySQL data and workloads to Google Cloud from on-premises databases, giving your developers more time to innovate.



Get more from Google Analytics

Get new insights faster by using Informatica to automate the process of combining Google Analytics data with other relevant data sources—such as SaaS applications and data lakes—for richer, more timely analytics.