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“In today’s cost-conscious business environment, Avaya is focused on streamlining business processes, eliminating waste, and maximizing return on investment. By using Informatica within our Data Quality Center of Excellence, Avaya has access to the accurate information needed to achieve operational excellence.”

Rich Trapp

Global Data Quality Director, Avaya
Business Need
  • Support data volumes equivalent to eight times the size of the Library of Congress—up to 150 terabytes of customer, vendor, service, financial, and pricing data.
  • Drive out defective data that pushed up expenses and cut into revenue.
  • Standardize pricing and billing models to optimize revenues.
  • Defective data quality was much more complex and deep-rooted than simply poor quality address data and duplicate customer records.
  • For example, flaws in transaction processing led to incorrect customer asset records and erroneous service agreements.
Solutions & Results
  • Led to 2,000% return on investment.
  • Helped ensure customers were invoiced for the specific products and services within their contract.
  • Identified areas where charges should be applied and weren’t.
  • Increased revenues by $2 million annually.
  • Revitalized pricing and migrated customers from out-of-standard pricing back to standard pricing.
  • Implemented 478-step data quality process across key data types.

Products & Services

Informatica PowerCenter

Accesses, integrates, and delivers any and all data quickly and cost-effectively, without hand coding.

Informatica Data Explorer

Finds hidden risks, pinpoints structural issues, and stops quality problems from spreading in data.

Informatica Data Quality

Transforms the way your business works by instilling trust in data at all times.

Success Stories