Addivant is a leading global supplier of antioxidants, intermediates and inhibitors, polymer modifiers, and UV stabilizer solutions. As the only manufacturer to market all major families of stabilizers, the company offers the widest range of performance-based polymer additives in the industry.

“Data is good, but when it’s transformed into real-time pricing, dynamic reporting and KPI dashboards it becomes an immensely precious asset. With Informatica, Addivant is putting the potential of data to work to drastically improve the sales process, enable more accurate profitability analysis, a faster sales cycle and enhanced visibility to help us win with our customers.”

— Nicholas Loeffler, CIO, Addivant


Business Need

Meet aggressive sales and operational goals of new private equity ownership.

Enable sales teams to be competitive by providing pricing quickly and accurately to customers.



The process to support sales was lengthy and complex, and involved.

Moving data from SAP into Salesforce.com was manual and required using complex SAP protocols.

The impact of data from critical factors such as shipping, regulations, and volume discounts on pricing had to be cross-tabulated.

Static reports that were often out-of-date, with an inefficient, cross-functional workflow.


Solutions & Results

Addivant deployed Informatica Cloud for real-time extraction of SAP information to a Salesforce.com dashboard which was accessible on desktop as well as mobile devices.

The company drastically improved the sales process, providing real-time pricing, dynamic reporting and dashboards that drilled down into KPIs, enabling accurate profitability analysis, a faster sales cycle, and enhanced visibility.


Products & Services

Informatica Cloud

Integrates cloud-based applications and on-premise databases and applications data quickly and easily.

Success Stories

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Shire Pharmaceuticals Uses Next Generation iPaaS and Data Analytics in the Fight Against Rare Diseases

British Telecom

With Informatica Cloud, British Telecom streamlines and accelerates executive decisions by unifying reporting across nine Salesforce instances and multiple business units.


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