Swisslog Healthcare Solutions delivers best-in-class automation solutions that increase efficiency and enhance the patient experience in forward-thinking hospitals. Swisslog is the world market leader in automated materials transport systems in hospitals and is a specialized niche supplier in the attractive growth market for medication management.

“In the past, integrating the data between Salesforce and SAP was a manual and time-consuming process that typically involved some type of custom web services and other tools for importing and exporting flat files. Informatica Cloud automates the integration and synchronization of data between Salesforce and SAP, eliminating the need for custom development and ensuring that sales and call center reps have the information they need to better service our customers.”

— Jim Collier, Director of IT, Swisslog Healthcare Division


Business Need

Swisslog needed to find a better and more automated way to manage the flow of information between SAP and Salesforce Service Cloud.

While the master data and product information resides in SAP, Swisslog’s service and sales reps need access to the synchronized data in Salesforce Service Cloud to manage the service calls, billing and customer relationships.



Automating the simultaneous creation and real time integration of work orders in Salesforce and Service Orders in SAP, so that technicians can be dispatched quickly and the service call is properly billed and costs allocated to the correct cost center.

Giving call center agents a single, integrated view of equipment, contracts and service data to troubleshoot customer problems and reduce the need for onsite service calls.

Providing sales reps the visibility into service activities and contracts to more effectively manage accounts.

Informatica Cloud integration templates abstract the complexity from using BAPIs, seamlessly transforming the work order in Salesforce to a Service Order inside SAP.

Simplicity of SAP connectivity enables more Agile development, without the need for extensive and complex SAP development.

Eliminated the need for custom code and development resources to import and export flat files.

Replaced entire SAP BODI system with Informatica Cloud.

With the integration between Salesforce and SAP, warranty service calls originating in Salesforce Service Cloud are correctly being booked back to Projects in SAP, which helps to control warranty costs.

Sales reps now have the visibility into the service contracts, parts used and service calls made from the Account Object to effectively sell the appropriate service plans to customers.


Products & Services

Informatica Cloud

Cloud integration templates between Salesforce Service Cloud and SAP. A family of cloud data integration solutions specifically designed to help SaaS application and platform customers integrate cloud-based data with the data residing in on-premise databases and systems or between cloud applications.

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