A Data-Centric Journey to the Cloud

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As you move to the cloud, it doesn't matter if you're taking a cloud-first approach, or getting there using both on-premises and cloud sources. What's important is that the data traveling across your cloud and on-premises systems is seamlessly connected, managed, trusted and secured. To help you get started on your journey and to keep your project on track, we've gathered some useful resources together on this page for you, including exclusive content from analysts, demo videos and more.


Exclusive Content


A Data-Centric Journey to the Cloud

White paper

Best Practices for Implementing a Hybrid Data Management Architecture


TDWI Analyst Best Practice from Virtual Summit 


2017 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service


The Forrester Wave™: Hybrid Integration For Enterprises, Q4 2016

Public Cloud Solutions

Accelerate the benefits of public cloud economies, scale, and agility with Informatica solutions.

Microsoft Azure

Extend the power of Azure by connecting trusted data from any source across your enterprise.

Amazon Redshift

Unlock the power of Amazon Redshift with connected, trusted, meaningful data from any source.

Google Cloud Platform

Power business innovation by delivering, managing, and synchronizing connected, trusted data from all sources.  


Hybrid Approach Demos

Understand how to leverage existing Informatica investments and manage and view data in the cloud and on premises using Operational Insights and Enterprise Information Catalog.

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Cloud-First Demos

Understand how Informatica's Integration Platform as a Service iPaaS offering provides self-service integration for line of business users as well as complex integration capabilities for IT users.


The Critical Steps on a Cloud-First Journey

A robust data strategy is a critical enabler of digital transformation for your business. Join well known industry analyst Joe McKendrick and Justin Donlon from Carbonite to learn best practices on how to embark on the journey to cloud.

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iPaaS(Integration Platform as a Service)

데이터 및 애플리케이션 통합을 결합하여 단일 플랫폼에서 대용량 실시간 통합을 제공합니다.

Informatica 클라우드 데이터 통합

비즈니스 혁신을 가속화하는 선도적 엔터프라이즈 클라우드 데이터 관리 솔루션

클라우드 애플리케이션 통합

클라우드와 기업 내 애플리케이션을 아우르는 지능형 비즈니스 프로세스와 데이터 소스를 실시간으로 통합합니다.

지능형 빅 데이터

반복 가능하고 신뢰할 수 있으며 지속 가능한 프로세스를 통해 빅 데이터를 통합, 보호 및 관리하여 조직에 가치를 부여하십시오.


업계 유일의 완전 통합형 엔드투엔드 엔터프라이즈 데이터 통합 플랫폼으로 자동화, 재사용성 및 민첩성을 개선해 보십시오.

지능형 데이터 품질

Informatica Data Quality는 규모, 데이터 형식, 플랫폼 또는 기술에 관계없이 모든 프로젝트 및 이니셔티브에 뛰어난 품질의 정제된 데이터를 제공합니다.

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