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In big IT-projects, data management such as data integration and data migration becomes more and more important. In complex business IT, processes have to run reliable and error rates have to be reduced. Therefore, a transparent data management is the main concern, since a company has to be able to retrace their data flow anytime. Data quality is also critical, because only high-class data provide meaningful information.

With their broad services DIMQ makes sure that the different business sectors can work with the generated data anytime. DIMQ improves your IT-processes to turn your data into enduring and reliable information so you can reach business decisions based on correct data.

DIMQ has carried out successfully national and international projects in various initiatives like Data Integration, Data Migration, Metadata Management, Master Data Management, Data Management, Data Quality, Reporting and Business Intelligence.

The solutions dimqCOMPLETE and dimqREALTEST contribute significantly to the success of projects.




Europe, Middle East & Africa: Germany, Austria, Switzerland