Informatica Data Prep made effortless

Speed up analytics and data science projects with an automated, simplified data preparation tool.

Turn your data into easy-to-get insights

Empower data consumers with a cloud-native data preparation tool to wrangle data across multi-cloud environments.

Do-it-yourself data prep
Discover and transform data sets quickly without relying on IT or manual coding.
Realize value faster
Finish your data preparation more quickly through intelligent automation.
Scale AI and analytics
Operationalize your machine learning models and analytical insights at enterprise scale.

Access intuitive, self-service data prep

Explore, combine, clean, enrich and publish data into curated data sets.

Easy data prep, governance and cataloging
Speed the discovery of the data you need across multi-cloud environments.

Simplified data compilation and curation
Take advantage of intuitive data compilation capabilities in an Excel-like interface.

Interactive data profiling
Use visualized data profiles and statistics to accelerate your large, curated data sets.


Accelerate your analytics and data science initiatives


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