• A Faster Path to Profit for Technology Solution Providers

    How providers can continue to bring new products and services to market in less time than ever by embedding market-leading data integration capabilities from another vendor into their offerings instead of building their own data integration functionality.

  • Laying the foundations for next-generation analytics.

    A workbook for building an intelligent data layer for a decision-ready enterprise: Explore the challenges of next-generation analytics and get practical advice for building an intelligent data layer, overcoming modern data management challenges, and becoming truly decision ready.

  • The Trend Toward Fully Integrated Maintenance

    A discussion on the effects of global digital trends on maintenance practice and professionals. How to embrace the Internet of Things to deliver improved maintenance performance and integrate key business goals into maintenance decision making.

  • What it Takes to Deliver Advanced Analytics

    Bad data continues to lengthen projects and leave decision makers reticent about the usefulness of analytics. In this eBook, we describe the six principles of intelligent data management and how to get started.

  • Why data matters in application modernization.

    Organizations wanting greater productivity, agility, and ROI need to keep modernizing their enterprise applications. But some refresh projects are doomed before they start. This eBook explains why – and what you can do to ensure success, time and again.