• Bloor InfoBrief - Stream Processing

    Informatica Data Management Cloud offers highly capable and well-integrated stream processing as part of its overall data management functionality.

  • Your Path to Data Modernization

    A white paper written by Deloitte, Snowflake, and Informatica describing the collaborative offering lead by Deloitte for customers moving their data to Cloud and using a Snowflake Data Warehouse and Migrating from Power Center to IICS

  • Community Health Choice

    Community Health Choice Uses Trusted Data to Build on its Reputation as a Trustworthy Organization for Members and Providers

  • NextGen Healthcare

    NextGen Healthcare Grows its Business and Better Serves Clients with Streamlined Data Integration

  • IT Health Firm

    With Higher Quality Data, They’re Reaching More Members

  • Data Fabric: Delivering Data-Driven Value at Scale

    The value of data has never been greater. But often, its value is held hostage since data continue to be siloed across the organization. A data fabric integrates and connects all your organization’s data intelligently and efficiently by abstracting underlying complexity.

  • Eurovia

    Building a Road to the Future: Eurovia Taps the Power of Data to Drive Innovation