Data Discovery and Advanced Profiling - onDemand

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Applicable for version 10.x users. Discover the content and structure of data through topics such as Data Domain Discovery and Enterprise Discovery Profiling including; Join Analysis, Functional Dependency Profiling, Primary Key Inference, Overlap Discovery and Foreign Key Profiling.

Course Overview & Agenda

Please note:

This is an onDemand training course with Labs. Course Content is available for 90 days after purchase. Labs are activated at the time of registration and are available for 90 days or until all lab hours are consumed.


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

Apply Data Domain Discovery to profiles in the Analyst Tool

Build and execute an Enterprise Discovery Profile in the Analyst Tool

Define the different types of Profiling that are available in the Developer Tool

Create and execute Enterprise Discovery Profiles in the Developer Tool

Perform Data Domain Discovery and Join Analysis Profiling

Perform Functional Dependency and Primary Key Inference

Perform Overlap Discovery and Foreign Key Profiling

Update the model with Primary and Foreign Key relationships

Generate DDL from the updated model

Target Audience

Data Analyst  |  Data Steward  |  Developer

Available Languages



Informatica Analyst (onDemand or Instructor Led)

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