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This course is applicable for version 10.x. Leverage advanced techniques when utilizing Developer to profile, cleanse, standardize, de-duplicate and consolidate data in an enterprise. This course focuses on creating and applying custom built Classifier and Probabilistic Models, utilizing advanced Parsing and Matching methods, refining Human Tasks and Workflows, automatically Associating and Consolidating matched records, applying Parameters in mappings and more.

Course Overview & Agenda

Please note:

This is an onDemand training course with Labs. Course Content is available for 90 days after purchase. Labs are activated at the time of registration and are available for 90 days or until all lab hours are consumed.


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

Perform Join Profiling

Create and apply Classifier Models

Parse data using advanced techniques

Create and apply Probabilistic Models

Apply sophisticated Grouping and Matching techniques

Automatically Associate and Consolidate matched records

Refine Exception and Duplicate record workflows used to populate Analyst inboxes

Design, implement and test processes to manage updated exception/duplicate records

Appropriate DQ Parameters

Examine key performance considerations

Review CRM and Dashboard & Reporting Templates

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Data Quality: Data Quality Management for Developers

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