Application Retirement

Retire legacy data to a consolidated archive to cut risk and costs.

Eliminate costs of maintaining legacy apps

Is a significant portion of your IT budget tied up in retaining and maintaining your legacy applications? If so, you’re spending resources unwisely.

Informatica’s Application Retirement solution retires your legacy data to a compressed, consolidated archive while still allowing secure access. It also ensures you stay compliant in accordance with your corporate data governance and offers support for defensible disposition of data.



Our application retirement solution:

  • Eliminates hardware, software, and maintenance costs associated with managing legacy applications.
  • Frees IT budget for investment in current technologies.
  • Reduces IT complexity by eliminating outdated technologies.
  • Ensures compliance and business reporting with integrated search, retention management, and legal hold.

Customer Success Stories


Vale delivered archived data compression rates averaging 95 percent, and saved $1 million annually in storage costs


CHRISTUS Health uses an enterprise information management system to efficiently capture, normalize, and interrogate data

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