Combat financial crimes and fraud in financial services

Strengthen fraud investigation solutions with the power of AI-driven data insights.

Govern, protect, and manage your data to prevent fraud

Ensure existing fraud solutions perform with real-time, high-quality, and certified data. Identify and protect sensitive data from unwanted data breaches.

The high cost of financial crimes

AI-driven data management can help mitigate the enormous losses that financial services firms suffer every year due to widespread fraud.


billion in insurance claims fraud*


cost of each lost record**


billion in payment fraud***


Reduce the financial and reputational damage caused by fraud

Combat fraud with real-time, high-quality, and certified data, and protect sensitive data against unwanted data breaches.

Deliver the right data where you need it most

Access, transform, and deliver data from anywhere into your fraud data lakes and data warehouses for ongoing monitoring and mitigation.

Provide trustworthy data to help combat fraud

Identify errors, manage data quality rules, monitor exceptions, and publish scorecards to improve business confidence in the data used to combat fraud.

Identify the parties involved in a fraudulent event

Deduplicate, match, and relate legal entities in a single, authoritative, and trusted source for existing fraud investigation systems.

Locate, classify, and track sensitive data across the enterprise

Discover sensitive data and track its location and usage across the enterprise.

Mask and protect sensitive data

Shield data used in product and test data sets and avoid unwanted data breaches in production and non-production environments.

Supply fraud-monitoring solutions with timely and trusted data

Identify and eliminate the downstream impacts caused by invalid and poor-quality data that can impair ongoing fraud surveillance, prevention, and case management.
Combat Financial Crimes Fraud


Bank of Dalian preserves public trust by protecting sensitive data


Combat fraud with AI-driven data management

Data Sheet

Informatica Persistent Data Masking

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Combating Fraud in Financial Services with Intelligent Data Management

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White Paper

Intelligent Data Privacy

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Operationalizing Data Governance for Enterprise Risk Management in Financial Services

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Executive Brief

Intelligent Data Privacy: California Consumer Privacy Act

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Put data governance, master data management, and data privacy to work for you

Supply fraud-monitoring systems with high-quality data, enable a 360-degree view of your business, and enact data privacy measures to thwart data breaches.

Data Privacy Management

Informatica Data Privacy Management provides data privacy intelligence and automation that helps you discover, identify, analyze, and remediate data risk.

Cloud Data Masking

Protect authorized access and use of personal and sensitive information.

Data Quality

Ensure consistently high data quality across cloud and on-premises data sources.

Multidomain MDM

Tackle complex issues head-on with complete and accurate views of business-critical master data.

Axon Data Governance

The collaboration hub and data marketplace for agile, scalable data governance.

Enterprise Data Catalog

Find and inventory all data assets throughout your organization.

Protect your bottom line—and your reputation. 

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Combat Financial Crimes Fraud