PT Berca Hardayaperkasa

 Reseller | System Integrator 

Established in 1990, PT Berca Hardayaperkasa (BHp) is one of the pioneers and leaders in Enterprise Information & Communication Technology (IT), Communication (Telecommunication Measurement & Infrastructure / TMI and Network Service Provider / NSP) solutions in Indonesia. In a long-term solid partnership with world-class principals/complementors, BERCA has consistently excelled in providing efficient IT and T&M solutions, from hardware, systems, services to total solutions, to over 500 corporations in various industries and sectors nationwide. Since the year 2000, BERCA has enjoyed a tremendous growth moving from an IT company into an ICT one. BERCA expands its businesses with a number of new Strategic Business Units such as Berca SI (System Integrator), BCS (Berca Consulting Services), Berca TMI (Telecommunication Measurement & Infrastructure) and Berca JASATEL (Jasa Terpadu Telematika or Integrated Telematic Services). Berca Consulting Services is a strategic business unit of Berca Hardayaperkasa with main service in providing solution with consulting in business application of ICT for business efficiency and effectiveness We exist to help you meet your business challenges and reach your opportunities in this tight business climate. You are challenged to build business strategy and required to have effective and efficient ways to access, share and analyze information so that you are able to create accurate decisions. Simultaneously your organization is challenged to run in effective and efficient business process as well. It should have mechanism to connect all involving people and even be connected to your existing and potential customers. We provide comprehensive solutions to your needs, including end-to-end solutions that deliver the best practice in your business world. Wherever you want to start, whatever you want to build from IT infrastructure to application development, from automation to internet enabled, we are able to help. We employ over 50 consultants with comprehensive experience-and skill-sets such as in Business Transform, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) / SCM (Supply Chain Management), Business Intelligence, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), IT Architect and CB-HRM (Competency-Based Human Resources Management) and others. One of in this division, we offer you the services of Knowledge management (KM), is activities used by an organization or company to identify, create, explain, and distribute knowledge for reuse, it is known, and studied at the organization(Source-Wikipedia). Berca provide End-to-End solution from raw data into meaningful data until to be insight to help business user to take fast and right decision.


Asia Pacific: Japan, Indonesia