Data Profiling

Increase Confidence in Your Enterprise Data with Informatica Data Profiling Solutions

Nothing puts a project at risk faster than starting with data that’s compromised. So if your IT team is building a new data warehouse or management needs information to make strategic decisions, you need thorough data profiling to understand the quality of your source data. Get your data profiling done right the first time with Informatica Data Explorer, the data profiling solution that finds data issues before they become data problems.

Sophisticated Data Profiling for Any Purpose

Informatica’s data profiling solution, Data Explorer, is available in two editions—Standard and Advanced—that employ powerful data profiling capabilities to scan every single data record, from any source, to find anomalies and hidden relationships. Thorough data profiling gives you a complete and accurate picture of your data. Informatica’s data profiling solution works regardless of complexity or of the relationship between your data sources.

Role-Based Data Profiling Tools for the People Who Use Them Most

Your IT developers are on the front line of the data profiling process, so Informatica Data Explorer’s data profiling provides them with automated discovery capabilities—helping minimize the specification and testing cycles that take so much time when hand-coding data profiling solutions.

For business analysts and data stewards, the easy-to-use, browser-based data profiling tools allow them to determine data quality themselves, as well as generate scorecards via data profiling to keep tabs on issues over time. Informatica’s data profiling solutions even support data governance procedures.

High-Quality Data Profiling Across Your Enterprise

  • Deliver IT and data profiling projects faster and more successfully by automating the data profiling process
  • Instill business confidence that your data profiling is providing complete, actionable data
  • Enhance the success of data quality initiatives with robust data profiling tools for the people who understand your data best

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