The Pivotal CIO: Today’s Digital Transformer-in-Chief

You’ve got the most exciting, challenging role in business. And it all depends on how you manage data. Here’s why…


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Part 1

The Pivotal CIO

The CIO and Intelligent Disruption

"Digital transformation" sounds abstract. In reality, nothing could be more real—or more important. As a pivotal CIO, you’re driving critical enterprise initiatives that:

Power innovation

Creating opportunities from disruptive technologies instead of getting sidelined by them.

Modernize IT

Exploring hybrid architectures and cloud solutions to deliver data quickly and economically to the business.

Re-engineer processes

Automating as much as possible to free up valuable IT resources and deliver self-service solutions to the business.

Secure the business

Protecting intellectual property and customer data from overt breaches and inadvertent data proliferation.

Drive customer centricity

Ensuring the 360-degree view of the customer that drives a differentiating customer experience.

Oh, and keep the lights on

Meeting user expectations with up-to-date infrastructure, software, and systems, and an always-on network.

And you’re doing it all against a complete disruption of business models, customer expectations, go-to-market channels, and the enterprise tech stack as a whole. These are exciting times indeed.

How Strategic CIOs Invest Their Time

Driving business
(Up 7%)
Developing and refining
business strategy
(Down 1%)
Finding competitive
(Up 5%)
Developing new go-to-market
strategies & tech
(Up 5%)

Source: IDG State of the CIO 2017

Data Strategy: Driving Business Outcomes

Data strategy is about using your business’s most valuable asset to drive meaningful outcomes. The Data Strategy Playbook combines insights from multiple CIOs, analysts and data experts on:


Today’s transformative CIOs unleash the power of data to make an impact everywhere, not just in one project, and not just once but again and again.

This is leveraging your data for maximum impact, and it's driven by five imperatives:

  • Winning executive support
  • Conducting gap analyses
  • Modernizing data governance
  • Scoping initial projects
  • Delivering significant business outcomes

Download this in-depth playbook now and create a transformative strategy for your business.

"It’s a journey from a known world in which the company has clearly been successful, or it wouldn’t exist anymore, into a world where it is at risk of not existing anymore."

Jeanne W. Ross, Director and Principal Research Scientist,
MIT Center for Information Systems Research

Part 2

Hear from CIOs


Meet our CIO

Listen to The Big Pivot podcast series of conversations with Graeme Thompson, Informatica SVP and CIO, and Rob O’Regan, IDG editor. The pair discuss topics including using data to lead digital transformations, plotting your journey to the cloud, and driving business success with big data.

Podcast Series: The Big Pivot




Transforming the Skyline With Data

Eddy Wagoner, Global CIO of JLL's Corporate Solutions Division,
on data as integral to business success

Watch Now Learn More


Transformation Talks

Informatica leaders share their experiences of today’s data-driven digital transformation initiatives.

IDG CIO Perspectives: Siloed thinking and digital transformation

CIO Graeme Thompson discusses digital transformation and the pivotal role of data.

IDG CIO Perspectives: Secure cloud migration

CTO Bill Burns talks data security, business risk, and the importance of trust.

The Pivotal CIO: Using Data to Drive Strategic Change

CIO Graeme Thompson on IT's unique perspective on data as a business-driving asset.

Part 3

An Intelligent Data Platform

"The most important thing in any type of digital transformation or journey is to understand the overarching strategic goals of the organization. Without that foundation, I think everything else is going to be a struggle.You’re going to be bringing technology and solutions without understanding the problem fully."

Andrew McIntrye, VP of Technology, Chicago Cubs

Part 4

CIO Resources

Check out our eBook

The CIO's Guide to Developing a Data-Driven Culture

Becoming data-driven means managing culture change.



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