Convert customer interest into sales by ensuring customer data is ready.



Managing data quality: A primer on data ROI. Don't let faulty data lead to faulty decisions--learn six ways data quality software ensures the right outcome.

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Mine Customer Information Before Your Competition Does


You can’t win with bad data. Grow customer spend by ensuring your sales team has access to consistent customer data across all channels, touch points, and product lines.

Total Customer Relationship Solutions

Improve Service with a Single View of the Customer

Create the right data management strategy based on your customer service lifecycle.


Real-time pricing, dynamic reporting, and KPI dashboards enable accurate profitability analysis and a faster sales cycle.

Why CRM Fails

Thinking “data first” will transform your sales productivity.

The Cloud Makes Real-Time Insights the Norm


Tame cloud complexity. Informatica Cloud lets you easily manage and integrate Salesforce cloud and on-premise data.

Cloud Solutions

Success story: nCino

Capitalized on the cloud to reduce customer onboarding from weeks to days and doubled its customer base.

Master the Sales Cloud

If you can eliminate data duplication at the point of entry, you’ll never sacrifice quality for agility.

Missing Data Means Missing Opportunities


Cut app integration cost and risk. If app integration chaos threatens the integrity of your customer records, you’re putting customer trust in jeopardy.

Application Integration Solutions

Success Story: Citrix

Increased lead-to-opportunity conversion rates by 20 percent.

5 Secrets of Cloud Application Integration Success

Get a detailed strategy for integrating all of your key systems in real time.

Data Quality Management: Beyond the Basics

Without proper customer data and the ability to reach consumers, customer relationships wither.

Additional Sales Solutions

Organizations of all sizes must have a strategy to achieve a single customer view if they want to stay a step ahead of the competition.

Single Customer View

Target accurately and segment successfully.

Marketplace Solutions

Browse existing apps or request new ones.

Cloud Connectors

Rapidly connect your cloud and on-premise applications with a wide range of native connectors.

Eliminate Salesforce Duplicates

Reach your goal of a single view of the customer.

Salesforce Workflow

Automate repetitive actions to boost sales team productivity.

Salesforce Reporting

Rely on quality data to give the best Salesforce insights.

Data Profiling/Monitoring for Salesforce

Rely on quality data to give the best Salesforce insights.

Increase Your CRM Adoption

Face data quality head-on and stamp out siloed attempts to solve customer data fragmentation.


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