Data-Driven Disruption in
Colleges and Universities

Enable Better Decision Making Through Data-Driven Insights in the Cloud

To be more competitive and overcome significant enrollment and fiscal challenges, higher education institutions need to develop useful insights into their students, faculty, alumni, and operations. Learning to strategically manage data assets in a cloud-first, multi-cloud environment is the best way to gain insights and support real-time, accurate decision making—goals that require a systematic approach to collecting, managing, and cleansing student and operational data. Institutions must be able to integrate and access data from any business system, in any format, and quickly analyze data to gain insights that support decision making.

The Informatica Intelligent Data Platform helps universities take data to the next level. Informatica solutions help you aggregate, clean, catalog, govern, and master your data, creating trusted data that supports analytics efforts. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to automate previously manual tasks so you can extract maximum value from your data. By integrating and managing data with a modular platform, higher-education organizations can deliver real-time actionable intelligence to improve decision making.


Achieve a True 360-Degree View of Students

Declining student enrollments, non-traditional students, and students who expect personalized learning are changing the expectations for higher education. While competing for a smaller population of students, institutions must offer adaptive ways to learn and ingest information, deliver education, interact with professors, and handle administrative tasks. To cultivate a relationship across the complete student life cycle while delivering a customized educational experience, colleges and universities must develop a true 360-degree view of each student so they can communicate knowledgeably, accurately, and in a timely way.

Informatica’s Customer 360 and other master data management (MDM) solutions help higher education organizations create a single source of truth, with trust and at scale. Using AI and machine learning, the solutions correlate data from varied 
sources—including social channels, big data, and unstructured data sources—giving you a complete view of students so you can serve them efficiently and effectively.


Balance Budget Constraints with Educational Goals

Universities and colleges face falling student enrollments, decreases in state funding, and revenue shortfalls. To balance their budgets, schools need to look for ways to improve efficiencies and reduce costs—maximizing resources while improving cost transparency across institutional silos, campuses, and schools. Research organizations need additional transparency into the grant process so they can maximize grant-based funding. Yet disconnected legacy data warehouses and data lakes prevent organizations from ingesting huge volumes of data, managing its growth, finding and fixing data quality issues, and making data accessible to users.

Informatica provides modern cloud-based solutions that help educational institutions improve access to education, within budget. We help you take advantage of cloud data warehousing and data lake solutions so that information access is transparent and easy for students and staff. Our solutions also help educational organizations produce centralized, well-governed, and trusted data.


Drive Innovation and Compliance by Modernizing the Technology Infrastructure

Higher education institutions manage a mix of on-premises, legacy systems and multi-cloud solutions in a technology stew that inhibits transparency and cross-university information sharing and collaboration. Although they need to adhere to a growing number of regulatory mandates and data governance initiatives, especially in research, universities are often restricted by limited budget resources and a lack of skilled technology staff. Institutions need technology solutions that are intuitive, easy to deploy, and easy to maintain.

By improving data management, quality, governance, and protection through automation, Informatica data governance solutions minimize the risk of non-compliance and help higher education organizations deliver quantifiable value through data-driven outcomes. Informatica solutions also help universities improve the transparency of the complete grant process, allowing institutions to meet grant requirements for compliance while also being awarded new or additional grants.


Protect Student Data Privacy

Student data is often the target of hackers and thieves. Without proper protection, it can also become subject to ransomware. Today’s higher education organizations are expected to protect sensitive student data–even as data volumes grow and compliance with federal, national, and state privacy laws becomes more complex.

One-off products and tools are not enough. You need a true enterprise-class data privacy solution – one that can meet the needs of your higher-education organization and your IT department. Informatica offers comprehensive data privacy solutions that employ AI, data cataloging, and a seamless automated platform. Together these features enable holistic management of data privacy, giving you full confidence that student data is protected and your institution is in compliance with changing regulations.


How Informatica Can Help

Informatica has served the higher education market for more than 25 years and works with dozens of leading colleges and universities. We understand the immense pressures that higher education institutions are under to modernize and innovate while simultaneously reducing costs, becoming more efficient, and providing better services throughout the student life cycle. Analytics powered by reliable, trustworthy data is the engine that will help drive this industry transformation.

We invite you to explore all that Informatica has to offer—and unleash the power of data to drive your next intelligent transformation. .

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