Data Privacy: Improve Your Digital Trust

Increase your customers’ loyalty by demonstrating respect for their data privacy choices.

Personalize experiences while maintaining data privacy

Retailers increasingly compete on personalized experiences, which require a rich set of personal data. A master data-fueled central view of individual customers can ensure customers experience the brand in the way they have selected and through the channels they prefer, increasing loyalty.

Practical Steps for GDPR Compliance with Informatica

Addressing Sensitive Data Privacy and Protection

Balance rapid innovation with managing data privacy risks

As retailers undergo digital transformation, personal customer data is often replicated to power new applications and analytics. Informatica Data Privacy Management provides complete visibility into personal and sensitive data across your organization—enabling innovation while ensuring data privacy and protection.

Protect customer data through masking

Data privacy laws advocate precise controls over access to—and use of—personal data, but today's retailers compete by delivering personalized experiences. Data masking allows innovation and analytics on real data sets, while preventing unauthorized access to sensitive and personal information.


Manage and monitor your data privacy policies

Retailers who successfully implement their data privacy policies are best positioned to gain customer trust and comply with privacy laws. Informatica’s Data Governance & Compliance solutions engage with key functions across business, IT, and data security to govern all types of data for compliance efforts.